17 Things to Eat Right Now

There’s no shortage of savory options when scrolling through local restaurants’ social media newsfeeds. But sifting through the mess and digging out the gems can be a tedious job. It’s ok, we’re here to get down and do the dirty work for you. We tried the good, the bad and the ugly to bring the extraordinary plates straight from the kitchen to the web. It’s a tough job, but the toughest part was paring down the selections to a final 17.

Dishes selected by a highly unscientific poll and presented in no particular order. Pulse cannot guarantee that any of these dishes will be available at readers’ time of visit. Best go soon and go back often.

1. Classic Oscar: George Martin’s Strip Steak, Great River

best long island restaurants

And the Oscar goes to…YOU! Add this topper of lump crab, asparagus and Hollandaise sauce to render any seafood or steak a best in class. You’ll be forgiven if you don’t stop eating when the music rolls.

2. Dragon Chicken: Shandon Court, East Islip

The Southeast Asian inspired poultry app is served up hot, glazed with Thai chili and plated with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce. Dragon-slayer saber not required.

3. Wellington: Prime, Huntington

Paired with mushroom duxelles, Brie fondue, bordelaise and a puff pastry, this tender hunk of beef has the international credentials worthy of any jetsetter’s palate.

4. The Paté: Bistro Cassis, Huntington & Plainview

Most restaurants serve complimentary warm, toasty bread before a meal, but Bistro Cassis does it one better: they serve a small dish of paté. The tasty pre-appetizer will gear up (or fill up) diners for the meal to come. Keep asking and they’ll keep bringing. Live(r) la vie Parisian a little!

5. Eggs & Polenta: Swallow, Huntington Village

A boozy brunch is nothing without a poached egg. Served with tomato sauce, polenta cake and ricotta, this fresh take on the breakfast-lunch staples elevates comfort food to its Sunday best.

6. Grilled Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese: The Palm Court Restaurant at The Carltun, East Meadow

best long island restaurants

Other restaurant’s top-tier mac-n-cheeses usually flaunt chunks of lobster or multiple gourmet fromages. But no one—not even Forrest Gump—thought to use the most obvious crustacean in the pasta and cheese dish of kings. The grilled shrimp adds the perfect earthy-smokiness and sea-salty taste.

7. Hudson Valley Foie Gras: Verde Wine Bar, Deer Park

best long island restaurants

Fold up the map, there’s no need to road trip to Hudson Valley for this fine duck. Locally sourced foie gras is the main dish in the 12-course meal featuring seasonal ingredients. Don’t drink afoul, wash it down with Oregon’s Foris Vineyard Moscato.

8. Atomica Pizza: Il Bacco, Little Neck

best long island restaurants

Boom, dynamite! The atomic bomb of pizzas is exploding with toppings that will make your head spin. The personal pie is topped with spicy soppresata, onions, mozzarella, tomato sauce and a runny egg (the cherry on top).

9. Flatliner: Snaps American Bistro, Wantagh

best long island restaurants

An oh-so-serious name for an oh-so-seriously mean burger. The chargrilled Angus patty is not only accompanied by cheddar, lettuce, tomato, a pickle and BBQ pulled pork (aka a culinary heart attack), it’s also squeezed between two bacon grilled cheese buns. Doctor! DOCTOR!

10. Frenched Pork Chop: The Frisky Oyster, Greenport

No one exclaims, “Yum!” upon seeing escarole. But these chops cooked with white bean and escarole ragout will surely inspire impassioned shouts…Ok, maybe it’s the bacon marmalade that does it.

11. Autumn Soup: Perabell, Patchogue

Nothing says fall like puréed butternut squash, sweet potatoes and apples. Feel warm and fuzzy (emphasis on warm) when sipping this soup adorned with pomegranate and crispy sage leaves.

12. Berry Brioche French Toast: Parlay Gastropub, Rockville Centre

NOV15__0000_French toast

Get stuffed with this cozy, savory and nectarous French toast. When creamy mascarpone cheese and fresh strawberries are jammed in brioche bread and doused with warm maple syrup and powdered sugar, you’re having breakfast, dinner and dessert at once. That’s kind of like a diet, right?

13. Turkey Meatloaf: Toast, Port Jefferson

Famous for their breakfast and lunch options, Toast has expanded their hours and menu to include a modernized, bacon-wrapped country entrée with the staple fixin’ of mashed potatoes and gravy. Bacon, it just doesn’t get old.

14. Southern Belgian: Morning Rose Café, Bellmore

This new take on the fried chicken and waffles movement will make you go up a pant size with pleasure. Using classic Southern buttermilk fried chicken and maple syrup, the waffle also bursts with flavor from the combination of savory toppings. Chipotle honey, black pepper and bacon gravy…Oh my!

15. Mofongo de Churrasco: Casa del Campo, North Babylon

best long island restaurants

This fried plantain-based dish may not have the most appetizing name but man is it tasty. The Dominican restaurant serves this mofongo with mushroom sauce topped with onions. Add a side of Spanish rice and black beans for the ultimate experience.

16. Ancho Braised Lamb Shank: La Plage, Wading River

Fried lightly and stewed to perfection, the lamb couples nicely with copious squash risotto, Swiss chard and toasted walnut gremolata. What is gremolata? It doesn’t matter, stop talking with your mouth full.

17. Sweet Chili Coconut Mussels: Beach House, Rockville Centre

Seafood isn’t just for the summer at this beach house. Steamed in coconut broth and sweet chili, these mussels have a candied, tangy taste that brings the sun year round.