Peek into the World of Radio With The Studio

Whoever thinks radio isn’t visual needs to swing by The Studio at the Paramount. The radio studio on the ground level of the Huntington venue offers a rare glimpse into the makings of a radio show. All you have to do to see it is walk down New York Avenue.

“I love the floor to ceiling windows,” Raven of the Shark radio station which uses The Studio said. “It puts a face to the listening public.”

With the floor to ceiling windows on one side, a brick accent wall on another, and a terminal of sleek radio devices, The Studio is both utterly simple and modern. The Paramount opened The Studio in conjunction with Connoisseur Media Long Island, which owns six radio stations, including the Shark this past July. Andy Grammer christened The Studio with a live performance of his hit single “Honey I’m Good,” for more than a 100 fans gathered street side to witness the show.

Quick shows and interviews with musicians playing at the popular venue are what the Paramount hopes to bring regularly to The Studio. Located in the storefront on 380 New York Avenue The Studio allows the Paramount to present artists both live on-site and live on air. The Paramount tries to have the artists playing do a quick interview and a few songs either before or after sound check, although Director of Marketing Adam Ellis admits some are a little sketched out by the windows which do open.

It’s part of the Paramount’s continual evolution and influence on the national musical scene, allowing the venue to offer artists and fans something almost no one else can: a visual, low-key on set experience before the main act.

“This studio project brings us back to basics and reminds us how cool radio can be,” Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw said. “Not only with our ability to be local, and hyper local in this sense, but also how we can relate and reflect the lifestyles and interests of our listeners through the music and the artists we play.”