5 Genius Beer Cocktails

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talking about turkey and Kris Kringle. College football is nearing rivalry week and bowl season, and your NFL team is in mid-season form (or tanking, in which case you definitely need this). Your favorite beer is great, but you’ve been downing it every Saturday and Sunday for the past two months. Switch it up a little and impress your friends (no, it will not jinx your team) with one of these five beer cocktail recipes.

Pumpkin Spice Apple Beer

Pumpkin Spice Apple Beer

image: baristasnyc

With pumpkin beer and apple cider, The BARistas NYC Pumpkin Spice Apple Beer combines the flavors of fall. The result? A sweet, refreshing cocktail that will make you the toast of gameday. Get the recipe

Owl’s Brew Short and Stout

owl's brew

image: owl’s brew

Taste black tea, chai spices, coconut, pineapple and stout beer in one glass. The fact that this Owl’s Brew recipe only requires two ingredients will shock you even more than that terrible holding call against your team. Get the recipe

Exotico Beer-ita

Exotico recipe

image: exotico

A south-of-the-border beverage from Exotico that will have you thinking of warm weather and sandy shores even though you’re freezing your butt off during a Saturday tailgate. After you thaw out and hit the showers, postgame at one of these trendy Long Island Mexican jointsGet the recipe

Grand Marnier Shandy

Grand Marnier recipe

image: grand marnier

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to break out the Shandy. The refreshing taste of wheat beer in Grand Marnier’s concoction will keep you in foliage season for just a little while longer. Get the recipe

The Brown Derby

manhattan moonshine recipe

image: manhattan moonshine

Moonshine reigned supreme during the 1920s, and Manhattan Moonshine is bringing it back. Serve up this head-turning cocktail by master mixologist James Moreland and prepare for high-fives and fist pounds from your crew (and a hug, because every group has one of those). Get the recipe

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