Peek Inside a Chef’s Fridge

You can tell a lot about a person from what’s inside his or her fridge. An empty one isn’t a guarantor of a busy life with little time spent at home but it’s probably not simply shopping day, either. An empty fridge except for various leftover take-out doesn’t exactly scream someone that knows how to work a stove. A jammed packed one doesn’t necessarily mean excellent home chef but it beats the take-out containers.

Food is intimate. It’s selection, whether out at a restaurant, at the farmers market or the items always in the fridge, say a lot about our lifestyles, our tastes and even what we think of current food trends. I asked six professional chefs to share the food staples they always have in the fridge. Their answers were revealing. Go ahead, peek into their fridges.

Executive Chef Ryan Keough, Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas in Garden City

inside a chef's fridge

image: sugar0607

I have a variety of foods to keep a 30-something and a two-year-old moving, including an assortment of Middle Eastern salads, Greek yogurt, fresh berries, smoky bacon, Italian salami’s and cheese, fresh peanut butter, beer, wine, local eggs and milk and sriracha.

Chef Romero Auer, Elegant Affairs

inside a chef's fridge

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I always have fresh pesto and a chunk of good Parmesan in my fridge. It’s so simple to do a quick pasta dish especially with my busy schedule.

Chef de Cuisine Eric Werner, Sandbar in Cold Spring Harbor

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image: sandbar

Charcuterie items are an all time favorite hobby of mine, so I would have to say curing salt is at the top of the list. Whether it be used it for my duck prosciutto, honey and peppercorn spiced bacon or a torchon of foie gras. Secondly, pink peppercorn is always in hands reach for me. It is my all time favorite spice and aromatic, the smell and taste reminds me of the three-colored snow-cone I got from Mr. Softy as a child. It’s such a beautiful sensation when your product in the kitchen sparks such joyful memories. Lastly is citrus, predominately lemons. The fragrant zest, the bitter rind and the sweet yet highly flesh hit all my taste points. Adding a touch of the juice brightens up dishes without leaving just the taste of lemons on your palate. My favorite are preserved lemons, the depth of flavor they give are so satisfying. There is not a day I do not have a lemon wedge in my water, whether at home or in the kitchen.

Executive Chef Maurizio Marfoglia, Tutto Il Giorno Sag Harbor, Southampton, Tribeca

inside a chef's fridge

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Zucchini, tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto and a bottle of rosé wine

Executive Chef Seth Levine, Penthouse808 at Ravel Hotel.

inside a chef's fridge

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I always have something pickled in my fridge. I also have a lot of international food condiments, mostly from Korea and Japan. And fresh fruit is always a must!

Executive Chef Sandy Dee Hall, North Sea Tavern

inside a chef's fridge

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I have nothing! I’m always at work cooking.