6 Ways to Golf This Winter

With colder temperatures soon to be par for the winter course, many golf fanatics refuse to give up their game. These days, they don’t have to. Thanks to indoor golf facilities and apps, people can keep practicing even when their favorite course is under a blanket of snow. To help Pulse readers be in mid-season form on the first 60-degree day of 2016, I scoured the Island and Internet. Get ready to keep driving.

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Golf Clubs to Try

Pinnacle Golf Club, Rockville Center

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image: pinnacle golf club

Pinnacle Golf Club has been swinging strong for the past 10 years and is one of the only simulator clubs left on Long Island.

“We offer a unique golfing experience in an indoor, private golf club setting,” said owner and golf professional Bob O’Brien. “This is so close to playing golf inside.”

He’s right. With four private simulator rooms and comfy leather chairs to relax on, Pinnacle’s technology is constantly updated to bring players range of more than 50 courses. If you’re up for a challenge, O’Brien can recommend a hard course with lots of mountains, raised greens and more water. He’s played more than 50 of the courses which Pinnacle offers online through his simulator system. Go there

Premiere Indoor Golf, New York City

image: premiere golf

image: premiere indoor golf

Work on your golf game during your lunch break, after work or the next time your SO insists on a Saturday afternoon New York City shopping spree. Premiere Indoor Golf opened three months ago in on East 28th Street in Manhattan. With 10-foot tall and 15.5-foot wide screens in four individual hitting bays, you’ll feel like you’re standing outside even though you’re in NYC. This is your chance to play on stunning greens, take a lesson with an on-site PGA instructor and even get fitted for hi-end clubs that will take your game to the next level. Premiere expects to get their liquor license any day now so be ready to kickback with a beer or two and enjoy your time there. Go there

Fore those Who Want to Stay Putt

iPing: iPING is PING’s free putting training tool for the iPhone. Once you secure the iPhone or iPod Touch to your putter (or you can purchase an iPing cradle device for $29.99) this app measures the tempo of your putting motion and records your results to generate your “putting handicap.” You can even compare your results to those of PING touring pros. Get it

SwingByte: SwingByte is a free game changer. Once you take a video of any one random swing, the app puts it in 3D mode in order to check and measure your alignment. There is a comprehensive side-by-side video animation of your swing, which captures the club head speed and face path of the ball. Recorded data tells you how many degrees your clubface is open. A virtual coach provides feedback as well, and you have access to lessons and drills that will help improve your swing. Get it

V1 Golf: This swing analysis app is used as a digital coaching system for golfers looking to up their total game. Self analyze your swing after sending in videos or snapshots to V1’s directory of golf PGA professionals and then compare it side-by-side with the pros. The easy-to-use app can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Get it

TruGolf: The free TruGolf app essentially turns your iPhone into a coach. Record and analyze your swing and watch mobile online lessons. Get better with tips and drills all winter long. Learn techniques for getting the ball in the air, why you slice or hook and why club fitting is important. Get it