5 TV Homes We Want to Live In

"Highclere Castle" image: jb + uk_planet

“Highclere Castle” image: jb + uk_planet

We love to wind down on a weeknight with a glass of vino and our favorite TV show. Thanks to Netflix, we can watch old classics like Friends over and over again. The jokes are great and the banter is classic, and sometimes, we just want to move in with our favorite characters. And it’s not just so we can be best friends with Monica or date Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey, it’s because from the seemingly endless space (don’t tell us about strategic camera angles, let us dream for a second) to colorful decor, on-screen homes look so cool to live in. Here are five of the best TV homes.


image: courtesy of NBC

image: courtesy of NBC

Why wouldn’t you want to live the lives of the characters in the hit show? The show’s finale was 11 years ago and we still go crazy for it. Not only do most of us wish we had their lives, but we love the apartments that they live in, especially Monica’s. Aside from the big dog statue that Chandler brought in, it’s fantastic. The windows, color and openness give us all we dream of for a NYC apartment today.

Modern Family

We love Modern Family for the families, the jokes and of course the homes. All of the cribs on the popular show have their own distinctive look. Looking for something modern? Check out Jay and Gloria’s home, if only for the fun red kitchen and comfy leather couches in the den. If the ‘burbs are more your style, be sure to visit Phil and Claire’s home, where all the family photos on the walls and open floor plan will have you feeling right at home.

Gossip Girl

image: courtesy of CW

image: courtesy of CW

We’d love to spend a night in Chuck and Nate’s mansions, but they’re not for everyone. The Humphrey’s Brooklyn loft is a pretty fun space with that huge garage separating Dan’s room from his sister’s. Speaking of Jenny, she’s prone to complain that her loft is small, but I think the rooms are pretty spacious. Rufus’s old records serve as the loft’s decor, a great personal touch that makes the pad look like a home rather than a set.


Lucious announces the special guests who will be performing at his concert.

courtesy of fox. Lucious announces the special guests who will be performing at his concert.

Lucious Lyon’s massive pad is one of the best TV homes around. All the drama that occurred in his mansion makes the show what it is. The fact that it’s 20,000 square feet with a walnut paneled library and nine (yes, really) full bathrooms make it completely lust-worthy. Lust no more. The home is on the market for just $15.9 million. It’s worth it for the nine full bathrooms that ensure you’ll never have to wait to put on your makeup in the morning.

Downtown Abbey

Highclere Castle image: mike searle. licensed under cc by-sa 2.0 via commons

Highclere Castle image: mike searle. licensed under cc by-sa 2.0 via commons

Growing up, you always wanted to live in a castle and frankly that hasn’t changed so it’s no surprise Highclere Castle became your dream home the second you watched PBS hit Downtown Abbey for the first time. Just look at all that space on the 1,000-acre estate. The rooms and furniture have great stories. For instance, you’d probably love to take a seat in that wooden chair in the music room, which belonged to Napoleon. Though you can’t actually move in, you can visit Highclere during your next London excursion. It is open about 60-70 days a year to the public for tours.

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