Your Body’s Perfect Winter Coat

best winter coat for body

image: icicle cocoon coat, rebecca taylor &

A great winter topper is more than something to keep us warm or the cherry on top of a cute ensemble. It’s the first thing people see when you walk into the door at work or that new restaurant everyone is talking about, so it’s important to find the right winter coat for your body type.

“People tend to gain weight towards the end of the year, and materials on coats are heavy already,” said fashion blogger Nayri Gregor. “Stay true to your body and make sure you don’t get something that makes you look heavier.”

Look your best all season long with Gregor’s top picks.

Top Heavy

best winter coat for body


Your Goal: Get gawking eyes off your chest
Gregor’s pick: Princess Coat
Why she loves it: “It looks almost like a skirt or dress, so the focus will go down to the lower portion of the body and then down to the legs so it takes the attention away from the top.”
Steer clear of: Frills at the top, especially on lapels that are near your chest, like buttons and heavy furs. “They will accentuate the top.”


winter coat for body type

image: ann taylor luxe collar coat

Your goal: You’re heavier on the bottom, so you’re looking for styles that accentuate the waist up.
Gregor’s pick: Shorter coats with luxe extras on top like fur, buttons, collars and lapels.
Why she loves it: “[Details on top] balance the top of the coat with the bottom portion of the body.”


image: moncler vouglette peplum coat, available exclusively at bloomingdale’s and

image: moncler
vouglette peplum coat, available exclusively at bloomingdale’s and

Your goal: Make your figure look more feminine
Gregor’s pick: A coat with extra embellishments like ruffles, fur, peplum bottoms, bowknots and cascading fabrics.
Why she loves it: “Extra details like ruffles and fur add a feminine touch to this body type.”
Steer clear of: Anything too loose or boxy


image: ann taylor wrap tie coat

image: ann taylor wrap tie coat

Your goal: Show off your amazing figure
Gregor’s pick: A coat belted at the waist
Why she loves it: “[The hourglass figure] is the most versatile and sought-after type of body, so do anything to accentuate it.”
Steer clear of: “Car coats or cocoon coats will make the body look rectangular. Definitely no empire belts, they will take away from the hourglass figure.”


image: fringe wool hooded coat, rebecca taylor &

image: fringe wool hooded coat, rebecca taylor &

Your goal: Create the illusion of curves
Gregor’s pick: A form-fitting style that cinches at the waist or something with patterns
Why she loves it: “Form-fitting coats and patterns are good options because they break up the top part of the body and the bottom part of the body.”

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beth ann clyde

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