5 Things We’re Loving on Pinterest: Food

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m not talkin’ Christmas. Thanksgiving is the one day out of all 365 that you can stuff your face with delectable desserts, mounds of sides and turkey, wear stretchy pants and no one will judge you. Our November issue speaks the language of foodies everywhere. To expand on that, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration on the before, during and after details that will help make the holiday even better.


image: cheche22

image: cheche22

Food blogger Edyta Czaplicka Hannas of Innocent Delight shared her new take on turkey with this Turkey Stuffed Acrorn Squash recipe. Loaded up with fall favorites like cranberry, squash and apples, the dish is different, but the turkey keeps it traditional.

Table Settings 


image: hgtv

The food may make the night, but the table is not complete without festive settings. HGTV has table top inspiration on their “Easy Thanksgiving” Pinterest board filled with seasonal flowers, mini pumpkins, wood accents and acorn-filled glass apothecaries.

Healthy Sides


image: long island foodie

OK, we don’t expect you to be health-conscious on this massive day of overeating, but we all have that one relative that will ask how many calories are in a serving of mashed potatoes. To make sure all your bases are covered, Long Island Foodie’s Pinterest board “Salads and Sides” gives unique healthy options for your “no cheat day” cousin.


image: felicia perretti

image: felicia perretti

One of our very own editorial assistants picked punches that of course made it to our Pinterest page. The three punches perfect for Thanksgiving and all the food involved are Harvest Sangria, Cider Punch and Pumpkin Patch Kicks. Serve up all three or make a lot of one, either way your guests may need a couch to crash on (yes, it’s that good).


image: allrecipes

image: allrecipes

No one will deny eating turkey and stuffing the morning after Thanksgiving. Try this spin on leftovers with a totally revamped dish by Allrecipes. The “Leftover Thanksgiving Salad” will help you feel a tad bit better about eating so much the day before, simply because the word salad is in its name. Customize your turkey salad with the last night’s favorites for a day-after lunch.

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