8 Recipes to Make Use of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

For many of us it’s not the Thanksgiving meal we look forward to all year but the leftovers. You’re going to be stuffed after that big meal, but you’re also going to have a ton of leftovers and that’s when being creative in the kitchen pays off. Say goodbye to sneaking a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast, or grabbing a plain old turkey sandwich in between shopping on Black Friday. Step the leftover game up a notch by turning mashed potatoes into hot cakes, stuffing into frittatas and turkey into French bread pizza. The best is yet to come.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: Breakfast

Sweet Potato Pound Cake

thanksgiving leftover recipes

image: jreika

Make a sweet breakfast treat to munch on while you’re on the way to shop. Leftover sweet potatoes are perfect for a pound cake. Get the recipe.


Stuffing Frittata

thanksgiving leftover recipes

image: karma_pema

For something a bit heartier turn your leftover stuffing into a savory frittata. Get the recipe.

Orange Cranberry Parfait

leftoverthanksgiving recipes

image: ingridhs

Ready to hit the gym already? Get a head start on your post big meal healthy goals with this creamy smooth parfait that will also help get rid of those cranberries. Get the recipe.


Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: Lunch  

Potato Hotcakes

thanksgiving leftover recipes

image: peredniankina

Another way to use up your potatoes is to turn them into hotcakes. Super easy to whip up, these are just what you need after a few days of cooking. Get the recipe.

Turkey French Bread Pizza

thanksgiving leftover recipes

image: gmvozd

Slice open a French bread, throw some sauce on it and top with cheese and turkey. Done. Get the recipe.


Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes: Dinner

Second Day Brodo

image: watershed on peachtree'

image: watershed on peachtree

Using leftover turkey carcass, Chef Zeb Stevenson of Watershed on Peachtree crafts a second day brodo that is the perfect cure for Thanksgiving Day’s over indulgences. A simple bone broth soup garnished with roasted garlic, a float of coconut oil and slivers of ginger is healthy and incredibly tasty. Get the Recipe.

Turkey Enchiladas

image: elegant affairs

image: elegant affairs

There’s no reason to stick to traditional American dishes with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Chef Andrea Correale of Elegant Affairs uses leftover turkey to make enchiladas. Get the recipe.

Savory Thanksgiving Quiche

thanksgiving leftovers recipes

image: photooiasson

Use up that leftover turkey and stuffing by turning them into a quiche. Just add some spices, cheese and bacon. Get the recipe.

Pro Tips

To get the most out of your leftovers make sure to store them within two hours of cooking in airtight shallow containers instead of one big container.