embracing the holidays

one of my favorite things about living in new york is the diversity of cultures we get to experience on a daily basis. in the wake of a horrible incident like the attacks on paris, embracing “the other” is not just one of the things that makes us great, it’s the best way i can think of to combat tragedy and malevolence. come the holidays, this mosaic of influences shows itself all the more. pulse staff similarly hails from a variety of backgrounds and embraces it—some of our personal accounts appear on lipulse.com this month. it is also a big part of the spirit of our annual winter holiday issue.

the return of our annual side show package is perhaps the most obvious result. we asked our families for the best recipes that are central to our individual holiday traditions. the lineup includes everything from jamaican beans and rice to italian stuffed mushrooms. those celebrating hanukkah will enjoy editorial assistant risa harstough’s offering of west of li. hartsough made a special trip to the jewish museum and reports on this month’s exhibit becoming jewish: warhol’s liz and marilyn, a retrospective of works covering the most famous ladies to convert to judaism.

if you caught editorial assistant casey dooley’s investigative look at the return of the oysters last month you will love his becoming santa in this issue. (if you didn’t, you should check it out online to find out why oysters are so important to long island.) dooley leverages his family’s long-standing tradition of donning the red suit for friends and family gatherings. he finds out it takes a lot more than a jolly ho-ho-ho to play the big guy professionally. anyone shopping for gifts (or hoping to receive them) would do well to check out the pulse 2015 holiday gift guide. some of our advertisers shared their favorite things with us: from the kind of gifts found in small, special packages to those that can be enjoyed anytime.

although many may be lamenting that warm days are officially behind us, i know i’m not alone in looking forward to the snow. another treasure of living in this part of the country is our closeness to great skiing. (hello northeast skiing! for better or worse, you’re ours.) pete bronski joins us with his annual look at what’s coming up on the slopes. not only does bronski share the news on his favorite northeast mountain, he also offers options for those setting their sights out west or in canada. speaking of trips, anyone looking to travel during the holidays will enjoy debra geiger’s segment on three new year’s eve getaways. it showcases unique experiences a short ride beyond our sandbar. and of course, our fashion story is all about starting the year glamorously. becoming midnight features the evening wear for celebrating the big night in style.

there’s plenty more to get you through the start of winter in this issue too. we’ve packed it with the events and stories to keep you busy clear into january. after the release of this edition, pulse people take our annual break. we will be on sabbatical for the month, traveling, relaxing and taking in the wonderful things we get to report on, before returning to the production of our february luxury issue.

but what holy water contains a little drop, little drop for me? *


* “unbelievers,” vampire weekend

nada marjanovich

nada marjanovich

Nada Marjanovich is Publisher and Editor of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Prior to founding the title in 2005, she worked extensively in the internet. She's been writing since childhood and has been published for both fiction and poetry.