Go-Go-Gadget JETPACK

This rig may not turn anyone into the Rocketeer, but it will get them out of some tight jams. Black Diamond isn’t the first company to use airbag technology in their ski packs, they’re just the first to do it electronically. The Saga 40 Jetforce Avalanche Airbag Pack, the largest of three available sizes, utilizes electronic sensors that trigger a jet fan that inflates a 200L Cordura airbag in four seconds. It helps users float atop avalanches then automatically deflates after three minutes, creating a potential air pocket if trapped under snow. It’s also a pretty comfy pillow. The beauty of the all-electric system is that it’s travel-friendly—since most avalanche- prone slopes are not in the Northeast—and it’s also rechargeable. $1500; blackdiamondequipment.com