How to Maintain Your Beard

When winter weather looms, men choose to unleash their inner lumberjack by growing facial hair to fight off frigid temps. In light of this recent trend, Kane Ferracane, head-stylist (head stylist), manager and trainer for the steel team at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Woodbury, offered advice on what makes a beard look great and how to maintain it.

1. Keep it clean. Both regular shampoo and beard sham- poo work, but personal preference plays a role. “Beard shampoos have a manlier smell than a regular shampoo,” Ferracane said. He favors American Crew moisturizing sham- poo to keep facial hair soft and easy to maintain.

2. Oil it up. “You definitely need a beard oil. There’s no getting around that,” ad- vised the stylist. After the shower, dry the face and apply. Ferracane recommended Griff’s beard oil, exclusive to 18|8 but again, personal preference comes into play. “It’s what people like on their face, what’s too heavy for them. If you don’t like the heaviness of the beard, wearing some- thing lighter will work.”

3. Brush it, brush it good! Boar hair beard combs work great for most hair types. But keep in mind that different combs work well for different textures. “It’s just like brushing your hair,” said Ferracane.

4. Keep it trim. Ferracane highly advocates a once or twice-monthly beard trim. Be- cause long beards tend to get out of shape and are more difficult to maintain, the general rule is the longer the beard, the more professional attention required.

5. Have fun. Get weird with a beard by using wax. Ferracane said, “The wax is really good if you want to hold a different shape, like a mustache wax to curl the ends to get the little gentlemen mustache.”