What to Watch on Netflix This December

In our monthly installment, we highlight an out-of-the-ordinary role for Katherine Heigl, a new holiday must, a laugh-out-loud comedy original to Netflix and more.

Jenny’s Wedding (drops December 1)

What to Expect: Katherine Heigl plays the title character in this indie film, in which her conventional family attempts to come to terms with her falling in love with another woman (Alexis Bledel).
Why You Need to Watch: Because we’re used to seeing Heigl in romantic comedies, yet the actress seems to have found a role that allows her to shine while discussing serious issues of our time.

I’m Brent Morin (drops December 1)

What to Expect: The Los Angeles-based comedian, who has worked on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, focuses on romance (or lack thereof) in 2015 and much more in this Netflix original stand-up special.
Why You Need to Watch: Because, during this time of international political turmoil, we all need to truly laugh.

Ray (drops December 1)

What to Expect: A dazzling performance by the great Jamie Foxx, who earned an Academy Award for his role.
Why You Need to Watch: Focusing on the life and career of musical genius Ray Charles, the film is a must-see for all those seeking to better understand the artist’s personal troubles and battles.

A Very Murray Christmas (drops December 4)

What to Expect: Bill Murray, George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Michael Cera, Chris Rock, Miley Cyrus and many more stars dancing and singing in a Christmas-focused musical comedy film.
Why You Need to Watch: If the star-studded cast ensemble isn’t enough for you, you might want to focus on the fact that the great Sofia Coppola has co-written and directed the production.

A Case of You (drops December 5)

What to Expect: Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood falling in love following an initial online encounter.
Why You Need to Watch: What happens when you dishonestly present yourself online? The movie captures this and more.

Nurse Jackie [seasons 1 through 7] (drops December 31)

What to Expect: Edie Falco plays Jackie Peyton, a nurse at New York City’s All Saints Hospital who happens to be addicted to pills.
Why You Need to Watch: Falco is clearly a comedic genius and this show capitalizes on her talents by juxtaposing her dramatic and more comedic skills.