EGC and Hope For Youth Brighten Children’s Futures

Your social media feeds are being flooded with #GivingTuesday, but as important as it is to give today it also is all year long. Last October the EGC Group donated 24 hours of their time to create a marketing plan for Hope For Youth and LI Against Domestic Violence.

“We chose them based on their application, their needs, how we felt we could help them. We wanted to do more of a big awareness campaign,” Lara Bass of EGC said.

It was the eighth year the ad agency has participated in CreateAthon.

Hope For Youth’s campaign launches today and I spoke with Kate Travers to find out more about the organization, the CreateAthon experience and how EGC, Hope For Youth and you can brighten the holiday season for Long Island youths.

Long Island Pulse: Tell us a bit about Hope For Youth and what the organization hopes to achieve.
Kate Travers: Hope For Youth is a child welfare agency. We serve children in Nassau and Suffolk counties in various programs from preventive programs that work to keep kids in their homes to transitioning kids to foster homes and group homes. We have 50 foster homes and 5 group homes. Then we have out-patient programs such as chemical dependency treatment programs and art therapies.

Pulse: Why was Hope for Youth originally created here on Long Island?
KT: Nassau County Family Court Judge Elizabeth Bass Golding had a young man in front of her who even though he didn’t suffer from mental illness kept going in and out of mental institutions because his parents couldn’t care for him. She realized there were no reliable alternative places for young men and women on Long Island and she founded the first group home 46 years ago. Hope For Youth has evolved from there.

Pulse: How did Hope For Youth get involved in this year’s CreateAthon?
KT: I connected with Nicole Larrauri at EGC about a separate fundraising initiative and she mentioned CreateAthon. I did some research, quickly realized how amazing it was and then submitted an application in the hopes of developing a marketing campaign around Hope For Youth’s needs.


The Hope For Youth Duffel bag campaign launches on Dec. 1

Pulse: What were those needs?
KT: We wanted to make people more aware of the needs of children on Long Island in the hopes of inspiring people to become foster parents or mentors. When kids need to be placed in a foster or group home all their things are normally put in a trash bag, which is demoralizing, so through this duffel bag donation drive we’re hoping to collect duffel bags to change that while making people more aware.

Pulse: How did CreateAthon help accomplish those needs?
KT: We’ve been given an amazing gift. EGC came up with a really marketable and engagement friendly way to do that through a duffel bag campaign.


The Hope For Youth Duffel bag campaign launches on Dec. 1

Pulse: When does the Duffle Bag Donation Drive begin?
KT: We’re launching it Giving Tuesday and everything will be up on our website and on our Facebook page.

Pulse: What are some of the ways people can get involved in Hope For You?
KT: We have our 12 Days of Christmas where each day through our newsletter and social media we’ll be telling the story of one specific child and sharing their Christmas gift request. We also collect general toys for children, especially adolescents as that’s a big age group for us. And then we’re hosting our second annual holiday party at Dave and Busters and we ask for donors to sponsor a child to attend. For $25 you can sponsor one child.