Kristin Chenoweth Talks First Jewelry Line, Future Projects and Her Favorite Holiday Traditions

kristin chenoweth

Chenoweth launches her new jewelry collection Live on HSN this Friday, Dec. 4 from 7-9pm. image: chenoweth

Get ready for renowned film, television and musical theater star Kristin Chenoweth to tackle her latest endeavor this holiday season: jewelry design. Launching her first ever collection through HSN come Dec. 4, Chenoweth describes her work as “another artistic outlet that has brought me much joy.”

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I chatted with the actress about her inspirations, future projects (hint: ponies are on the horizon) and her favorite holiday traditions. Take a look:

Long Island Pulse: What inspired you first jewelry line? What compelled you to tackle such a different endeavor from what you’re known for?
Kristin Chenoweth:
I have been designing jewelry for a long time. Over two decades, really. I just finally have an outlet through HSN to show my line. Each piece is special for certain reasons, which I will get to talk about on HSN. Let’s just say I never take on anything just for the sake of it. This line is totally me. I wanted something chic but also classic [and] timeless. This is another artistic outlet for me that has brought me much joy.

Pulse: What made you choose HSN as your launching partner?
HSN knows what they’re doing. I think they have amazing hosts and their sets are gorgeous. They’ve designed one for us that is totally representing my line perfectly. I kind of want to take it all home! They also have been the perfect guide for me and helped me learn how to put this all together.

Pulse: Christmas is coming up. What gift would you love to receive? What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? What’s the best one you’ve ever given?
KC: Honestly, all I want for Christmas is donations to my theater in my hometown of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. When I was growing up, it didn’t exist. Now, it’s where such famous stars like Bernadette Peters and Chita [Rivera], as well as Broadway touring companies, come through town.

I couldn’t be prouder of the summer arts camp we started this summer, which is giving kids the opportunity to dance, sing and act and then [go] out on a special performance. I come in and do what’s known as a master class, I couldn’t be more excited to help this theater camp grow. Art has the power to change lives. It sure did mine!

Pulse: What are your holiday family traditions? Do you all spend Christmas together, doing something different? Any special dish you like to enjoy during the holidays?
KC: I love going to church on Christmas Eve. For me and my family, we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, which is Christ’s birth. I love Christmas music and talking about what we are most grateful for and what we are looking forward to. That’s what we do in our family: we talk!

Pulse: What’s your favorite holiday movie?
I have been lucky enough to be in three holiday movies but it’s always going to be Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo: memories…

Pulse: What would you do if you weren’t in show business?
If I wasn’t in show business, I would either be a fashion designer or in forensic science. I know… Big difference!

Pulse: TV, movies, or theater? What’s your favorite performance “medium?”
My favorite medium is always going to be live performance. I love concertizing: I pick the music and get to say what I want to say through music. But I love a juicy role in any medium…

Pulse: You’re attached to the future My Little Pony movie… What can we expect from that?
I can’t give away any MY Little Pony secrets. Let’s just say I’m growing my hair back out to feel more “real.” [Laughs]

Pulse: Any other future projects you’d like to discuss?
I am currently on tour, doing a new movie in December and focusing on this jewelry line. But I have a few surprises up my sleeve… I always do. I’m lucky I get to do what I love.