9 Murals That Redefine Art Across New York

There’s something exciting about pausing to reflect while admiring some of New York’s most characteristic street art. Whether functioning as political commentary or simply attempting to create something beautiful, these murals send us clear messages. Below, I round up some of our favorite New York street art (and, of course, tell you where to find it).

What: Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld
Where: Manhattan, 192 Mott Street (at Kenmare Street)

nyc murals

image: instagram.com/thegeneralcreative

A pro at depicting celebrities, Bradley Theodore told StyleCaster that “Everything just came together. I thought about Karl and Anna, how these two are the last standing of those who have been there from the beginning. I knew I had to paint them together.”

What: Frank Sinatra
Where: Bushwick, near the corner of Irving Avenue and Bleecker Street

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image: Instagram.com/quastonethrone

Painted on the iron curtain outside her own home, Danielle Mastrion chose Frank Sinatra’s mugshot as her subject.

What: Save Yazidi Women
Where: Long Island City, near 12th Street, 30th Avenue and Welling Court

nyc murals

image: instagram.com/daniellebknyc

Protesting the treatment of women in Iraq, Lexi Bella, Danielle Mastrion and 2esae worked on this mural together as part of Welling Court’s mural festival.

What: V-JAY Day in Times Square
Where: Manhattan, West 25th Street and 10th Avenue

nyc murals

image: streetartnyc.org

Recreating the famous photo snapped by Eisenstaedt in Times Square at the end of World War II, this mural is by Eduardo Kobra.

What: Propaganda Mural
Where: Manhattan, on the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery

nyc murals

image: ny.curbed.com

One of the most visually enticing pieces of street art in all of New York, this graffiti by Ron English functions as a commentary on American consumerism.

What: Walking New York
Where: Manhattan, 23rd Street and 11th Avenue 

nyc murals

image: ny.curbed.com

As part of his project for the cover of the New York Times magazine, French artist JR produced a series of oversized silos across the city. This is one of them.

What: Sophia Loren
Where: Manhattan, 188 Grand Street (at Mulberry Street)

nyc murals

image: instagram.com/slimjim72

When walking down the streets of Manhattan, sometimes all you need is a little pep talk. Enter Lexi Bella, who spray-painted the image of the Italian actress alongside an inspiring quote.

What: Big City of Dreams
Where: Manhattan, at the corner of Allen Street and Rivington Street

nyc murals


Made by Los Angeles-based artist Tristan Eaton, the mural features his usual patchwork technique.

What: John Lennon
Where: Astoria, 105th Street and Lexington Avenue

nyc murals

image: instagram.com/streetartnyc

This mosaic of the artist reminds us of the wonderful music he made and his messages of understanding and peace that still resonate with us today.