Bring the Art of Craft Cocktails to Your Home

Raise glasses and spirits high this holiday season by creating bar-worthy cocktails in your home. The craft cocktail trend is getting even more festive thanks to in-home classes offered by Spice & Spoon.

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“Crafting cocktails is a shared experience best enjoyed with friends in a familiar and inviting space,” Alexandra Weheda, co-founder of Spice & Spoon, said. “Spice & Spoon brings the bar experience into homes at an affordable price.”

spice & spoon

Founded in September of 2014, the company offers New York City and Los Angeles residents the ability to choose from a list of mixologist-designed classes, all of which include fresh seasonal ingredients, homemade infused syrups, shrubs, botanicals and professional bar tools. You supply the alcohol, usually two bottles of liquor, with a professional mixologist’s recommendation.

That mixologist then comes to your home for a hands-on class. He or she will educate and inspire with the history of the alcohol and the origin of drinks and demonstrate the proper techniques of crafting unique cocktails. The mixologists, many of whom work as bartenders at award-winning restaurants, may even share some industry insights and tales of life behind the bar.

spice & spoon

The classes range from Mezcal: The Smoky Spirit of Oaxaca to Prohibition Era Whiskey and are designed to not only appeal to individuals interested in improving their cocktail skills, but for anyone who seeks a unique, interactive experience. Ever wanted your own namesake cocktail? The Custom Crafted Cocktails class offers the unique opportunity to create a bespoke and craft cocktail. Each participant has a unique bar set up in front of them with all of the necessary tools to create the perfect mixer while learning the techniques and enjoying delicious drinks made by you and your friends.

Grab a bunch of your friends and get into the holiday season festivities with craft cocktails.

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