3 Unique Ways to Wrap Gifts

Gift bag, Santa-print wrapping paper or even worse, a cardboard box. Didn’t your mother ever tell you presentation is everything? Sure, your 3-year-old nephew is likely going to make the Guinness Book of World Records for his split-second gift tear this year, but a beautifully wrapped gift can serve as great decor beforehand and it’ll totally impress your sister. This holiday season, get into the DIY spirit with these three unique gift wrapping ideas. For the people rolling their eyes and mumbling I’m too busy for this, one of them literally only takes 30 seconds. Break out the ribbons and glue and wrap a gift that is almost too gorgeous to open.

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Candy Canes & Kraft Paper

Recycle a grocery bag and put last year’s leftover candy canes to good use with this easy-but-adorable idea from Effortless Girl.

unique gift wrapping ideas

Recycle a paper bag and last year’s candy canes with this unique gift wrapping idea. image: effortless girl

What You Need: Candy canes, peppermint candy, raffia (or ombre yarn or ribbon), glue, grocery store bags, stencil, color sharpie metallic marker and gift box

What to Do: 1. Carefully dismantle the paper bag at the seams and spread it out.  2. Wrap the gift in the paper as you would any other box. 3. Glue peppermints in any shape or pattern you want or a candy cane onto the paper and tie the box with raffia, ombre yarn or ribbon. 4. Use a stencil to draw the person’s name on the paper.

It’s a Cinch

unique gift wrapping ideas

Set, cinch, tie and give a gift wrapped perfectly in Lilywrap. image: Lilywrap

Wrap a gift of virtually any shape or size in 30 seconds or less with Lilywrap gift wrap with a simple “set-cinch-tie” process that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

What You Need: Lilywrap gift wrap and ribbons

What to Do: 1. Lay the Lilywrap gift wrap flat on a hard surface. Set the gift in the middle of the wrap. 2. Hold ribbons in one hand and cinch wrap upwards around the gift while holding it down with your other hand. Hold one ribbon end in each hand and pull outward until cinched all the way closed. 3. Tie drawstrings ribbons into a bow like you’re tying shoelaces. Fluff ribbon.

Washi Wrap

unique gift wrapping ideas

Pinterest lovers know all about washi tape. (credit: Le Pique Nique)

Pinterest lovers know all about washi tape. Made from natural fibers like bamboo or the bark of Japanese trees, washi tape can be as strong as duct tape but so much more stylish with all the cute patterns to choose from. It’s a DIY-ers best friend, and around the holiday season, it’s a low-maintenance way to add a ribbon-like feel to a child’s gift without the hassle or difficulty in wrapping or opening. Yup, your nephew’s breaking that record, alright. You can thank Le Pique Nique Shop later.

What You Need: Gift wrap, washi tape, a bow and an ornament (optional)

What to Do: 1. Wrap gift as usual. Le Pique Nique Shop recommends using a wrapping paper that is light in color and simplistic in design so the washi tape can stand out. This photographed paper can even be colored in. 2. Start to apply the washi tape. The great thing about washi tape is that it has a delicate stickiness that allows you to reposition it a few times to get those lines straight. 3. Finish applying the washi tape. By putting it where a ribbon would normally go, you’ll create a familiar touch to this unique wrapping. 4. Put a bow on it. Bonus: Add an ornament, like a snowflake. You can find them at Target or even the Dollar Store.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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