How to Properly Open a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

how to open sparkling wine

There are rules to opening a bottle of bubbly. image: webphotographeer

There should be some sort of requirement that holiday parties must always include sparkling wine. Maybe it’s the hiss of the bottle being prepared to open or the pop of the cork, but there’s no denying that very act of opening a bottle of sparkling wine instantly gives off a festive vibe.

Like all good things though, there are rules to opening a bottle of bubbly. Do it wrong and you could mess with the taste of wine, and let’s not forget how embarrassing it is to be struggling to open a bottle while everyone watches. Don’t let that happen to you. Follow the Long Island Pulse guide on opening a bottle of sparkling wine.

You Need
A chilled bottle of sparkling wine
A dishtowel

Remove and discard the foil. Most bottles of sparkling wine have a little tab to pull to make this part easier.

Now remove and discard the cage surrounding the cork by flipping down the wire key and then turning it.

Grab that dishtowel and place it over the top of the bottle. Place your thumb on top of the cork, grasping the bottle with the rest of your hand and the base of the bottle with your other hand. Keep the bottle pointed away from you and other people. While securely holding the cork, twist the bottle with the hand holding the base. Don’t twist the cork. Twist the bottle until you hear a pop and with your thumb on the cork. Slowly let the cork come out.

Pour and enjoy.