5 Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Serial made us all fall in love with podcasts. It was about this time last year the Long Island Pulse office became obsessed with Adnan Syed and started playing amateur detective. But while Serial made us remember podcasts existed, they’ve been around for ages, meaning there are plenty to binge on when you need a break from all that holiday-family togetherness. Here are five of our favorites.

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For everyone who fell in love with Serial this is the podcast for you. Criminal is the story of crime. You’ll meet people who’ve been wronged, done wrong or been in the murky in between while examining what it means to be a victim. Listen.

The Dinner Party Download

If you think your family dinners are crazy, Dinner Party will make it all seem normal. Structured like a dinner party, each podcast features a special guest, a special dish and a special cocktail. There’s even an icebreaker opening you can steal for your next dinner or awkward holiday work party. Listen.


Meet a woman who is incapable of feeling fear, another who can physically feel what she sees and many more fascinating characters in this podcast from NPR’s Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel. Each episode explores an issue that shapes human behavior and what it says about who we are. Listen.

Mystery Show

If the best part of Serial for you was asking who done it, we suggest Mystery. Each episode solves a real life mystery but don’t worry, this isn’t too dark for the holidays. Some are downright laughable; all are intriguing. Listen.


For anyone that’s ever dreamed of starting a business, this podcast from Alex Blumberg, best known as the producer of NPR’s This American Life and Planet Money, is a candid, in-depth look at what it takes to create something new. You’ll meet people trying to save a dying family business, family members starting rival companies and stubborn entrepreneurs who won’t give up on terrible company names. Now recording its third season, you’ll find plenty to binge on. Listen.

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