Stay on Track This Winter With Hamptons Health Concierge

Setting time aside for you, especially during the holiday rush, can easily be a daunting task. If you are nesting in the Hamptons this holiday season or through the winter months, Hamptons Health Concierge offers an abundance of in-home services to keep you on track with your wellness regimen.

After years of traveling to people’s Hamptons homes, Kim Brenon, Hamptons Health Concierge founder and a licensed massage therapist, wanted to give her clients more than a good rub. She wanted to be able to give them everything they needed for the all-around healthy mind-body lifestyle they craved.

“I started out as a massage therapist,” Brenon said. “I worked at spas and slowly grew my personal business. My clients kept asking me to help them find trainers and yoga instructors and the business idea grew from there. Massage is our most popular service but yoga and personal training are both growing.”

Clients can receive Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, sports and prenatal massages as well as yoga, personal training and nutritional consulting in the comforts of their homes or offices. Personal training and yoga are both individualized for each client.

“We have different trainers and yoga instructors who have different strengths. I talk to the client and see what they are looking for and then try and pair the client with the instructor that I feel would most help them meet their goals,” Brenon said. “Depending on what those goals are will determine how long the program will last. Some people want someone to work with them indefinitely while others are seasonal clients or are more goal oriented.”

Since the services Hamptons Health Concierge offers are so diverse, it’s a great opportunity to try something new, like a full-body scrub.

Brenon offers three different types: coffee, citrus sugar and lavender Himalayan salt scrubs.

“The coffee scrub can help to increase circulation, the citrus sugar scrub is uplifting and the salt scrub is for areas that need extra exfoliating,” Brenon said.

Each treatment lasts 90 minutes and starts with a scrub. Once the skin is fully exfoliated, a moisturizing massage is performed. The scrubs can be tailored to a customer’s needs and are made with high quality organic ingredients.

Nutritionist Kiley DeMarco can give you personalized diet tips (image: kiley demarco)

Nutritionist Kiley DeMarco can give you personalized diet tips. (image: kiley demarco)

Specialty personal training services include ballet barre, Ki-Hava resistance stretching, circuit training and high intensity training (H.I.T.). All sessions can be customized to create your ideal exercise routine.

If you’re looking to shed that weight you’ve gained over the last month, meet Kiley DeMarco, CN, MSW, the resident Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant. Utilizing a client-centered holistic approach, she helps with everything from meal planning, smoothie workshops and grocery shopping to fitness and family strategies.

If and when you must head back West, Hamptons Health Concierge has an office in Midtown Manhattan where it offers massage and yoga so you can turn your health kick into a lifestyle. And after we thaw out, get ready for even more services.
“I’m hoping by this summer to have a acupuncturist join our team,” Brenon said. “We are also always looking for amazing massage therapists, yoga instructors and trainers to help the business grow.”

vanessa gordon

Vanessa is a writer, tutor and fitness instructor based in the Hamptons. She loves paddle boarding, antiquarian cookbooks, and tea rooms. Check out more of her work at