What We Learned From Our Favorite Holiday Movies

Extolling the virtues of familial congregations, a vintage sort of romance, snow and all else we consider “cheesy” and “corny” throughout the year, holiday movies have a way of catapulting themselves into our everyday existence come December. We see them on TV, start quoting them daily and hear their theme songs on the radio–slowly incorporating them in the way we experience Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year.

But, in addition to relating the grandiosity of all things family and gifts, what have holiday movies taught us about life?

Revenge Can be Fun (Courtesy of Home Alone)


If we learned anything from 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), it’s that protecting our homes (and ourselves) from intruders is a task that requires creativity, lots of household appliances and the incapability to feel any sort of panic. Other lessons learned: kids should stay away from aftershave and we should all calm down with the carbonated beverages.

New York is Everything (Courtesy of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York)


In the second installment of the highly successful Home Alone franchise, Kevin McCallister accidentally finds himself in New York City and is definitely not sad about it.

Want Something Done? Do it Yourself (Courtesy of The Nightmare Before Christmas)

holiday movies

Although we didn’t really need Sally to show us that…

Sometimes, You Just Need to Dance it Out (Courtesy of Love Actually)

In Love Actually, David (Hugh Grant) is one-half of the eight couples that are dealing with their (very dissimilar) love lives right before Christmas. In an iconic scene, David, England’s Prime Minister, decides that the best way to deal with heartache is to…dance it out.

The Triple-Dog-Dare is Always a Bad Idea (Courtesy of A Christmas Story)

holiday movies

Stand up for yourself and never agree to lick a frozen pole.

Let Everything Excite You (Courtesy of Elf)

holiday movies

Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) allows the most mundane aspects of life to excite him (“Good news! I saw a dog today!”). We pledge allegiance to the Elf and vow to feel excitement and happiness no matter where life takes us.

Holidays = Singing, Feasting and Lots of Noise (Courtesy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!…and Dr. Seuss)

Although the Grinch is intent on stealing Christmas because of his hatred towards all things festive, we realize that what we actually love the most about the holidays is just that: lots of noise and cheering.

You Might Want to Restrain Yourself From Over-Decorating Your Home for the Holidays (Courtesy of Christmas Vacation)

holiday movies

Unless you want your home to look like an oversized traffic light, you might have to consider toning down those holiday decorations.

When You Have a Long Beard, Stay Away From Blowing Bubbles With Your Gum (Courtesy of Miracle on 34th Street)

holiday movies

Fascinated by Susan’s ability to blow gums, Kris Kringle asks if he can try it out. Clearly not the best idea.

This is How You Deliver a Toast (Courtesy of It’s a Wonderful Life)


Fast forward to 1:10.