3 Hairstyles for Winter Hats

Let’s be honest, hat hair doesn’t have the greatest reputation. Static, squished, a perfect side part ruined…it’s enough to make you feel like you have to choose between a cute hairstyle and a freezing scalp come winter. You like to have it all, and in this case, I don’t blame you. Winter weather can be bad enough without it making every day a bad hair day. Thankfully, you can get the best of both worlds. Styled right, a hat can actually be a statement accessory that completes a great ‘do. Just take a cue from celebs, models and hairstylist Keka Heron by rocking one of these three hairstyles for winter hats. Get ready for a season of lovely locks that don’t require you to sacrifice warmth.

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Textured Bob

Why it works: Short-haired girls, you have it made. “The bob is a hairstyle that can be rocked effortlessly any season, and it looks great under a winter hat,” Heron said.

How to rock it: Spray texturizing spray such as Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray on hair and proceed to comb it through. Use a medium barrel curling iron and curl hair in medium sections, but in different directions. Rake your fingers through your hair to create a messy look.


Why it works: If 2015 proved one thing, it’s that braids are not just for people under the age of 10, and that’s a wonderful thing. “Braids keep hair in control,” Heron said. More good news: you can keep sporting the hairstyle of the year all winter long.

How to rock it: Spritz a texture spray such as Sexy Hair Dry Texture Spray Clay in hair and comb through. Next, braid hair in a single ponytail, making sure to use a texture or moisturizing hair cream. Heron’s favorite is L’Oreal’s EVERSTYLE CRÈME. Apply a penny size amount while braiding to help keep strands in place. To add a messy feel, pull the braid slightly loose.

Winter Beach Waves

Why it works: “This textured, loose wave works because even with the wind blowing, your hair will still look flawless,” Heron said. Besides, there’s something quintessentially Long Island about opting for beach waves all year long. After all, we’re proud to call the beautiful sandy and rocky shores where others vacation our homes.

How to rock it: Spray hair with texture spray and comb through. Next, using a curling wand or medium barrel curling iron, wrap hair in a spiral around the wand or iron. Once the whole head is completed, pull waves out with your fingers. Finish with a hairspray such as L’Oreal Paris Ellnet Satin Hairspray to hold curls.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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