How to Stylishly Decorate Your Home With Travel Mementos

Moroccan ceramics, hand painted Venetian masks, photos, tickets and brochures–it’s very easy to go overboard with the travel keepsakes. Some have obvious decorative functions, but placed wrong and your home becomes full of clutter resembling a knick-knack filled home of a bygone era. Stylishly decorating your home with treasures found while traveling, though, can bring a sense of wanderlust into your space. Here are five ways to decorate your home, stylishly, with travel mementos.

Memory Box

Travel Keepsake

image: pinterest/bloglovin/luke casey

Wooden boxes are a simple and chic way to store travel keepsakes. Paint them in different colors, stencil the name of the place you visited on each one and fill them with souvenirs, like that map of the Musee de Orsay you can’t bear to part with. Display them in a bookcase in your favorite room and it will instantly feel worldlier. 

Wall of Travel

travel keepsakes


Make your wanderlust nature the focal point of a room in your home by displaying all your favorite travel paper keepsakes as DIY wallpaper. While you could do this just with photos, adding in some of those train and airplane stubs helps break up the images while giving the overall space a retro feel.

Wall of One

Or pick the best photograph from each place you’ve traveled and turn it into a great canvas print. Display the prints in different areas of your home and you’ll always feel like you’re about to set off on your next adventure.

Shadow Box

travel keepsakes


A classic way to display special mementos, the shadow box never goes out of style. Gather up a few photos and other souvenirs from a particular trip and you’re good to go. For an added dose of chic steal photographer Jordan Hebel’s idea of cutting letters out of the city in a postcard or photos and adding it to the box.


travel keepsakes

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t go anywhere unless a beach is involved this one is for you. Collect sand from your travels (we’re not suggesting you hide the sand from customs) and display in the bottles and jars labeled with the names of the places you took them form for a beach-house chic feel.