Find the Right Fitness Class For You

It’s hard to believe but just a few years ago the only workout options we had out on Long Island were lone yoga studios, traditional gyms and the occasional step or cycling classes. Maybe you tried them and fell off the wagon, or maybe you’re looking to re-energize your workout this year by signing up for a class. From barre to bootcamp, Pilates to cycling, you have limitless ways to reach your 2016 goals at Long Island fitness classes that don’t involve boring, soul-crushing runs on a treadmill. The thing is, with endless options, some of which you may have never heard of, picking a workout can be an exhausting experience in and of itself. Save the sweat and fatigue for your fitness. I know all about the climbing prices of many of the best options and how time-crunched most of you Long Islanders are, so I did the legwork for you. Here’s a look at some of the Island’s top fitness studios.


credit: barry’s bootcamp

Best Bootcamp: Barry’s Bootcamp:

When Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sign up for a group fitness class, as they have been known to do at Barry’s Bootcamp Hamptons locations, you know they’re something special. “Barry’s Bootcamp is a results-oriented workout for people who manage their time wisely,” explained Joey Gonzalez, celebrity trainer & CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp. “You can expect to burn up to 1,000 calories during a one-hour session and each day of the week focuses on a different body part so you’re never neglecting any areas. You’ll find a lot of Type A people in a Barry’s class.”

Best Cycling: SoulCycle

“SoulCycle is way more than an exercise class. Riders describe it as a “cardio party” and even a form of therapy,” Woodbury and Roslyn instructor Mark Forkos said. “Physically, SoulCycle is a high-intensity workout that challenges your cardiovascular fitness and builds core strength and stability while also toning the muscles of the arms and legs. Mentally, it gives riders a chance to disconnect from the demands of daily life. The combination of inspirational instructors, epic spaces, rocking music and dark candlelit rooms allows for a truly transformative experience. The exercise program focuses on rhythm and the ‘energy of the pack,’ which creates a strong bond between riders.”

credit: akt in motion

credit: akt inmotion

Best Dance Cardio: AKT inMotion

When she’s not traveling the world training the likes of Shakira and Kelly Ripa, you can find AKT in Motion founder Anna Kaiser at her various studio locations, including multiple in the Hamptons. “My signature blend of dance, sports training, Pilates, yoga and strength incorporates the exact ratio of toning, cardio and flexibility you need for serious results,” Kaiser said. “AKT inMotion is an efficient, effective and seriously addictive workout that allows clients to burn calories, torch fat and sculpt a lean, lithe dancer’s body without any prior dance experience. The workout is designed to allow anyone to jump right in, regardless of fitness background. Blueprinted by my constantly evolving content, which switches every other week, AKT InMotion trainers will teach you everything you need to know. And as you improve, the workout will keep challenging you.”

Best Boxing: PUNCH Fitness Center

You might think of boxing as a more upper body workout, but at PUNCH Fitness Center it’s a whole-body experience. “The studio offers a great workout for those who want a bit of everything,” founder and middleweight Thai Boxing Champion Adelino DaCosta said. “The PUNCH workout is complete with a full-body workout, cardio, endurance and weight training, toning muscles and working towards a long, lean body. At PUNCH, we jump rope, use punching bags and do pad work for a total-body workout that is constantly confusing the muscles throughout the entire training.”

image: stephanie jamet photography

image: stephanie jamet photography

Best Barre: Elements Signature Barre Classes

“The classes are based on the principle of overload. We work to the point of extreme muscle fatigue, when those tiny muscles begin to quiver and shake, then we switch it up and begin to work the same muscles in a different way,” founder Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger said. “We use a combination of strengthening and toning exercises based from ballet conditioning, yoga stretches and Pilates mat. The quick sequencing keeps the heart rate going and clients engaged so it is very fun and enjoyable.”

Best Mix: Core Fusion (Offers barre, cycling, cardio, bootcamp, yoga classes and more)

“Core Fusion classes, when done a minimum of three times per week, rapidly shed your body of unwanted inches around your waist, lift a sagging butt as well as flatten and firm a soft belly,” Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp, the program’s co-creators, said. “Our signature class is a 60-minute combination of strength training, flexibility and body shaping moves that make you quiver, sweat and burn. The class requires a full mind-body presence.”