Jordan Topf on What to Expect at Mainland’s Paramount Show

Brooklyn rock group Mainland has had a busy couple of months. They signed to 300 Entertainment, released the EP Outcast and last week started touring with Marianas Trench. The four-man rock group—Jordan Topf (vocals, guitar), Corey Mullee (guitar, synth), Alex Pitta (bass) and Joey Sulkowski (drums)—has the type of sound that makes you want to know them better. It’s good vibe California meets New York City cool with a bit of Austin rock in the mix. They’re returning to New York for a Jan. 29 show at the Paramount. Get to know Topf and the rest of the group below and then head over to our Facebook page for the chance to score tickets to the show.

Long Island Pulse: Tell us about how you got started.
Mainland: We cut our teeth in New York, played constantly for a couple of years before going on tour without a label with the Girls Unknown EP. Then we recorded the Shiner EP and while on tour for that we met and signed with 300 Entertainment, moved out to LA for six weeks and recorded Outcast.

Pulse: What was the music writing process for Outcast like?
Mainland: We didn’t go out to LA until we had written out more than 35 songs, so we spent a lot of time getting the vibe right and picking the ones for the EP. We did a bit of free form with some of the instruments on track three “Fading Friends.” We worked with a horn section for the first time, which was super cool.

Pulse: What can we expect from your show at the Paramount?
Mainland: A really good time. Kicking off the tour has been exciting and we have a lot of good things in store.

Pulse: What do you like best about performing live?
Mainland: I love, love, love performing. We feed off each other’s energy. It’s really fun to play together and to get to meet people around the country and maybe make someone’s day a little bit better. Just making everyone smile.

Pulse: Do you have a favorite place to perform?
Mainland: We have a really good time in Chicago. And I really love playing in Texas. The food is so great and they just love rock n’ roll.