24 Things We Learned From ‘Friends’

All this talk about a possible Friends reunion got us to revisit one of our favorite comedies of all time. We started thinking: why do we love this show so much? What did the six characters teach us?

You’re Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Like to Share

Brad Pitt Will Always be Beautiful…And He Knows it

Every Game of Rock, Paper, Scissor Should Include a Fire Option

Nobody Looked Good in the 80s

Your Neighbor’s Grass Always Looks Greener

Best Friends Are Forever

Happiness is a State of Mind

Never Admit to Your Friend That You “Knew” She Was Expecting

You’re Means You Are (Please Always Remember This)

Marriage is Not Always the Best Idea…

…And Neither Are Leather Pants

Run Like Nobody is Watching

Be Creative When Asking for Money

Get Over Your Ex Before Committing to Someone Else

Always Enjoy the Smallest Things in Life

Invest in Curtains

Women Can Also Propose

“Baby Got Back” Might be the Only Lullaby You’ll Ever Need to Sing

Sometimes, You Just Need a Cigarette

When Moving Furniture, Always Remember to Pivot

Got Stung by a Jellyfish? Pee on it.

Lobsters Mate for Life

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Don’t Forget: Condoms Only Work 97% of the Time