Great Dates

Dinner and a movie isn’t necessarily a bad date, but it’s kind of like taking the easy way out. Whether for Valentine’s Day or any day, Pulse presents three options for “us time” ranging from “let’s go now” to “WOW!”

The Sky’s No Limit $$$

great date ideas

If you aspire to elevate your date experience to new heights, look towards the sky. There may be no more luxurious way to view New York City than from the air and a helicopter tour is guaranteed to be your best bet. Liberty Helicopters offers a variety of packages, our favorite allows you to take the city by both sky and skate. Take off from an East River pier in downtown Manhattan and soar through the air during a 15-minute helicopter tour of the Big Apple that provides awe-inspiring views of the city’s iconic landmarks. Once back on the ground, head over to Central Park to enjoy complimentary admission to Wollman Rink, a landmark destination as old as the park itself. Open for evening hours on the weekend, Wollman is the perfect place to end your date with a romantic skate under a starlit sky in the heart of New York City.

Escape Artists $$

great date ideas

Looking for a little adventure? Couples who enjoy mystery and suspense (and solving puzzles) should try their hand at “escape rooms,” which have become something of a global phenomenon in recent years. Escape rooms are physical adventure challenges in which participants are locked inside a room and must work together to free themselves. The room is filled with clues, puzzles and hidden messages players must solve within a set amount of time, usually 60 minutes, in order to “escape the room.” X-Room on Grand St in Manhattan offers 4 choices of themed sets, from an ancient tomb to a mysterious locale in the space/time continuum. Opt for the private room to bond and problem solve (or argue) free from other participants.

Out of This World $

great date ideas
Couples don’t necessarily have to be lovers of astronomy to enjoy the light shows at the Reichart Planetarium, located in the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Whatever the case, there’s something entrancing about gazing at a ceiling full of stars (recreated on a 60-foot dome) while cuddling in the darkness. The planetarium offers a variety of different experiences, from Rock ‘n’ Light Shows and Sky Shows (typically at 8pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights) to gazing at the night sky through the Vanderbilt’s Meade reflecting telescope guided by an astronomy educator. “Long Island Skies” takes the audience on a journey through the mystical night that encompasses the Island, highlighting the stars, constellations and more. What better way to spend a romantic evening than by getting lost in the stars with the one you love?