3 Winter Wardrobe Boosters

Fashion needn’t go into hibernation with the forest creatures. Sabir Peele, GQ magazine’s style ambassador, offers his picks on winter’s must-have items and how to layer up effortlessly.

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Tight Knit. Dust off that cable knit sweater mom made for Christmas. Chunky knits are big this winter, whether it’s a scoop neck, cardigan or turtleneck. “Do a mix of chunky knits with light knits,” advised Peele. Wearing a thinner v-neck cotton sweater under a heavier knit cardigan helps keep out the cold and adds texture to the look. Mixing neutrals such as black and navy, black and brown or gray and brown also adds dimension.

Plaid Professional. Peele advocates for flannel, “You may think ‘this is grungy’ when you think flannel, but a lot of them are actually tailored down so you could wear them to work.” The formerly worn-out and baggy shirt has become fitted and polished, a perfect complement for a gray suit. The look is sleek and sophisticated, but authentically winter.

Vested Interest. Traditional nylon and canvas vests are still a-go for the season, but tweed and other classic patterns are also options for rocking a good vest. “Guys, get a vest. They’re great for layering,” Peele said. Pair a hefty knit with a vest. It’s a great topper for a clean, put together style that will protect from brisk conditions too.