February’s Must-See Art Exhibits

Stony Brook’s Long Island Museum showcases two significant exhibits of America’s artistic history: illustration and the art of storytelling. 

Mort Künstler: The Art of Adventure

long island art exhibits

“Siberian Stalker” 1956 Cover illustration for Male, Febru- ary 1957, Gouache on board, collection of the artist. ©Mort Künstler Inc. All rights reserved.

Famous for his paintings of the American Civil War and other compelling historical works, Mort Künstler is an illustrator who extensively researches subjects to be able to invoke rich layers of details. This exhibit will feature his original and diverse artwork, some of which was conceived for 20th century publications such as The Saturday Evening Post, Outdoor Life and American Weekly. Book jackets, advertisements and movie posters will also make up this showcase, which reflects America’s popular culture and distinctive genre and topics.

The Brush is My Pen: Art that Tells Stories

long island art exhibits

Frank Myers Boggs, “Clamming at Shelter Island”, 1878

This exhibition focuses on work from the early 1800s to today with contemporary and classically influenced pieces. Featured artists who explored the human condition through paintings, photographs and prints evoke a sense of storytelling, allowing several genres, emotions and styles to come to life in each one. Four separate themes can be found: work, satire, drama and hope. Artists of various eras are being shown, including William Sidney Mount whose “Loss and Gain,” 1847, is a satirical piece telling a story in support of the American temperance movement. Margery Caggiano’s “Michael as Don Manuel Osorio de Zuñiga,” 1978, is a modern version of a Francisco de Goya painting, exploring history with humor.

Both exhibits open this February at The Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. Mort Künstler: The Art of Adventure will be showing Feb 26 through May 30. The Brush is My Pen: Art that Tells Stories will be showing Feb 26 through July 30. (631) 751-0066, longislandmuseum.org