How to Wear Pantone’s Colors of the Year 2016

Rose quartz accents in this Zimmermann dress are great for being subtle. image: jean-bernard villareal
Wear with a pair of jeans on the weekend or with a black pencil skirt in the office. image: rebecca taylor
A monochrome look, formal dress from ESCADA. image: dennis golonka
Make a pastel color less feminine and wearable in the office by pairing with a white dress shirt. image: ESCADA
Accented rose quartz.
Serenity makes for a perfect accent point, and its neutral nature means it goes with everything. image: michael kors
A touch of feminine for the workplace or a weekend out. image: ESCADA
A great way to introduce Pantone's color into your wardrobe. image: michael kors
Serenity accents in jewelry make for a chic accent point with neutrals all year around.
Not sure about RQ? No biggie. ALEX AND ANI has the perfect outfit topper for you. image: ALEX AND ANI
This perforated leather jacket is soft and hard, creating the perfect balance. image: rebecca taylor
Denim with a serenity colored top. image: ESCADA
Make rose quartz work for work. image: ESCADA

Jaws dropped and eyes widened when Pantone announced that there would be two colors of the year in 2016: serenity and rose quartz. Cosmetics brands have pumped out rose quartz lipsticks, interior designers brought serenity into home accessories like pillows and end tables and fashion designers posted their rose quartz tulle and silk all over Instagram.

Our February Luxury issue touched on rose quartz in cosmetics: nail polish, blush and eye shadow. But what about the wardrobe? New York City-based fashion stylist Anna Levak, whose work has appeared in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, weighed in on how to add Pantone’s colors of the year 2016 in your ensemble. Whether you just want to accent the colors or go all out, Levak has the perfect styling tips to get your 2016 wardrobe trendy yet classic, and never basic.

Be Careful How You Wear It

image: ESCADA

image: ESCADA

“There was a pajama moment, but I think in those two colors they’ll really look like pajamas. The more modern way to do it would be to take it to the slip dress,” Levak said. “If you find a slip in either of those colors or an actual slip dress, that’s something you can combine and make it more modern.” Throwing on a dress in serenity makes for an easy pairing with neutral colors.

Mix Soft With Hard

colors of the year 2016

Rebecca Taylor cozy knit moto jacket. image: rebecca taylor

No need to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate the new color trends. If you have the basics already, you’re done! Levak suggested, “If you have a very feminine skirt, wear something harder with it: a leather jacket with a dress or a skirt. Those kinds of contrasts can be interesting.” Wearing a tough leather boot or a leather jacket can take those pastel colors from cotton candy to brandy.


colors of the year 2016

image: dennis golonka

Levak name-dropped one of the most famous monochromies, “We know Kim Kardashian is obsessed with her beige head-to-toe, she loves to do that. Most of us often resort to all black or chic all white, so I think the pale pink or anything in the blush family can work and give a softer way of doing it.” A floor length dress for a formal event, such as this ESCADA gown, makes for a great monochrome look. Opt for a jumpsuit or pant suit for a night out with friends.

Tone On Tone 

colors of the year 2016

image: tom ford

“There is a ton, ton, ton of denim out there for spring,” Levak explained. If you’re not big on the Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim…on denim), “mix the serenity color in with the denim so that it becomes the tone on tone.” A blue-tone suit like this one by Tom Ford is also a perfect way to work serenity into a man’s wardrobe, adding in a serenity colored button-up and a tie with different serenity tones and shades.

Accent Point

colors of the year 2016

image: michael kors

Levak recommended getting, “the one piece, like the skirt. Then pair it with the white shirt.” A super feminine piece can become more casual and toned-down when paired with classic white tee, but if you’re not sure about the color Levak suggested starting with an accessory, like this rose quartz colored Michael Kors clutch. “Definitely get a shoe or a bag, a little accent point clutch. It’s a great way to test it out and get more of a feel for the color.”

Pulse Pro Tip: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and pink is the color of love. Tell us what rose quartz inspired gifts you’ll be getting your sweetheart in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!