10 Super Bowl 50 Commercials People Can’t Stop Talking About

Commercials are usually a time to get up and grab another drink. Do that during the Super Bowl and you risk missing the most talked about moment of the night. From frogs to Betty White and with lots of puppies in between, the commercials have become just as much a part of the Super Bowl as the game itself and 2016 was no different. You could even argue they were more entertaining.

In case you committed the cardinal sin of leaving the room to open another cold one during a break in the action, here are some of the most notable Super Bowl 50 commercials you missed:

Heinz: Weiner Stampede

Celebrities, from Alec Baldwin to Steven Tyler, made appearances in Super Bowl ads. Heinz stuck to a stampede of dachshunds dressed as hotdogs who love to dole out kisses. Heinz wins.

MINI USA: Defy Labels

Haters gonna hate because Serena Williams, one of the best athletes of our generation, is strong, independent, gorgeous and phenomenal at tennis. She’s just gonna shake and continue to inspire. Score one for current and future feminists everywhere and Mini.

NFL: Super Bowl Babies

Let’s acknowledge the creepy factor of singing about the night of your own conception. Now, let’s acknowledge that the NFL’s spots about babies born nine months after their parent’s favorite teams won the Super Bowl were equal parts aww-inducing and original. The Seattle tykes wobbling around and crying were just adorable.

Mountain Dew: PuppyMonkeyBaby

What do you get when you combine all Super Bowl commercial cliches (puppies, monkeys and babies) together? Twitter magic.

Audi: Commander

An Audi might not actually get you to the moon, but the old astronaut getting to ride off into the sunset to the tune of the late David Bowie’s “Starman” is simply touching.

Doritos: Ultrasound


I wasn’t a fan of this one when I first watched it, but Pulse’s Twitter fans convinced me.

Apartments.com: Moving on Up

A nod to a 70s sitcom, a piano performance by Jeff Goldblum and a cameo by Lil Wayne…it sounds like a recipe for epic over-the-top fail, but instead it all comes together for a perfect first-time Super Bowl ad for apartments.com.

Snickers: Marilyn

Next time you miss the subway, your train is late and you drop your pizza in your lap, just grab a Snickers. You’ll turn into a happy, gorgeous icon. Just ask Willem Dafoe/Marilyn Monroe.

Bud Light: Teaser

Forget fighting over Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan reminded us that we’re the UNITED States of America, so let’s crack open a cold one and laugh. Cheers.

Hyundai: Ryanville

Straight women and gay men everywhere are still picking their jaws up off the floor. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Ryan Reynolds never disappoints.

Which commercials did you love? Who missed the mark? Tell us in the comments, Facebook and Twitter.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

Beth Ann Clyde is a social strategist of Long Island Pulse. Have a story idea or just want to say hello? Email bethann@lipulse.com or reach out on Twitter @BAClyde.