Your Morning Coffee Has Never Been so Philanthropic

As the owner of a Glen Cove coffee company, Stacey Wohl doesn’t just want to sell coffee, she wants to make a difference. She founded Our Coffee with a Cause in 2015 as a way to provide employment for young adults with disabilities.

“The unemployment rate is over 90 percent for kids with autism,” Wohl said. A single mother of two autistic children herself, Wohl is always looking for the best education and development programs for her kids. At Our Coffee with a Cause she is able to provide a job and an opportunity to socialize for kids and adults with disabilities.

While the business is out of Wohl’s home, products are currently available for purchase online, as well as at several local supermarkets on Long Island. They sell whole bean coffee bags and K-cups available in a variety of roasts and flavors. For Valentine’s Day they’ve come out with chocolate covered espresso beans, a chocolate Cause Bar and OCC mugs with their unique autism awareness logo on it.

At the moment the staff consists of Wohl’s children Brittney, 18, and Logan, 16, along with three other neighborhood kids who have Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and Down syndrome.


image: courtesy of our coffee with a cause

image: courtesy of our coffee with a cause

During the busy Christmas season, the staff was able to use their math and motor skills for a number of projects such as tying the cellophane and ribbon on the packages. Logan was able to deliver packages to the post office and Brittney, who is non-verbal, was able to use an iPad app to introduce herself and communicate to make sales. Wohl said the tasks help to enrich the kids’ lives, as they are proud of themselves for completing tasks and communicating with the public.

Barely three months old Wohl is already looking to expand Our Coffee with a Cause into a retail store in Glen Cove.

“I hope to make this business a national chain and employ many special needs adults and show the world that there is ability in disability,” Wohl said. She hopes that Our Coffee with a Cause will be an inspiration for other companies to open up employment opportunities for children with disabilities. She considers both of her kids co-owners.

Our Coffee with a Cause gives you every reason to “Start Everyday with a Good Cause.”