Spotlight: The Hamptons Lifelong Arts Center Takes Over the Island

Nestled on the Stony Brook Southampton campus, the Hamptons Lifelong Art Center  has been offering affordable classes in theater, healthy living, painting, dancing, singing, fitness and more for just over a month.

The membership-based program (must be over 18 to sign up) allows for unlimited access to the various classes taught by local artists, organizations and experts and runs on a semester-by-semester schedule. With the first semester coming to a close in mid-March, the center looks to change up its programs based on members’ demands and preferences.

Focusing on providing members with opportunities for socialization and exposure, the center is not concerned, at least for now, with producing musicals and plays. “Our center is solely focused on providing a wide variety of theater arts classes as personal enrichment programs,” explained Lori Newell, the center’s director. “However, if some of our students decide to go in that direction, then we can connect them with the many great theaters and art centers already in operation.”

What further sets the center apart from the variety of other cultural hubs in the area is its dedication to specialty populations. “We offer theater arts classes specifically for specialty populations such as those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and other chronic health conditions,” said Newell.

What compelled the organization to establish grounds on the Stony Brook campus? “It was brought to my attention that Stony Brook had run a similar type of program years ago,” recalled Newell. “It’s a beautiful campus and by being there we can also provide opportunities for the physical and occupational therapy students to gain hands-on experience by helping out with the classes. It was a win-win for everyone.” 50 Hill Street #287, Southampton, 631-259-1385