March’s Must-See Art Exhibits

Our can’t-miss picks for art this month include an exhibition that combines living forms and a collection of pieces that reexamine the art of mobility.

Lorena Salcedo-Watson: Organic Networks

long island art exhibits

“Lake Erie 2,” 2014 Charcoal and Watercolor on Paper 42.5”x54”

This solo exhibition features an artist’s fascination with botany, anatomy and entomology through various mediums. In her drawings and prints, fish, flowers, bugs and human beings are reduced to their most elementary lines, like elegant, ephemeral x-rays. The viewer is forced to consider not so much the biological impact of, for instance, a handful of vertebrae, but more the shape and interconnectedness of the organic matter. Paintings follow suit in a muted palette, maintaining a similar macro focus that is also reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe’s acutely focused flowers. The show is where science and art intersect, offering stimulating viewing for lovers of either or both.

Lorena Salcedo-Watson: Organic Networks, will be showing March 5 through March 23 at The Alfred van Loen Gallery in Huntington Station. (631) 549-4411,

Motion in Art and Art in Motion

long island art exhibits

Kelmenson, “Iris Days End,” Oil 16”x20” 2015”, submission for consideration

Artists of various styles come together to showcase their individual interpretations of motion—both literally and symbolically. Some work with actual moving objects while other pieces are conceptual and interpretational. Techniques include using directional, diagonal and gestural lines to suggest movement, notes of repetition and the manipulation of the size and position of objects to imply mobility. The exhibit takes inspiration from the famous Eadweard Muybridge series of galloping horse photos that proves all four of the animal’s hoofs are off the ground midstride. Marina Press, associate director of the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in NYC, will preside as juror of this show.

Motion in Art and Art in Motion, will be showing March 28 through April 24 at Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery in Dix Hills. (631) 462-5400,