The Rug and Carpet Trends You Need to Know About

carpet trends 2016

Luxe and modern are just two of the buzzwords trending in the décor world. But levitation finds no home in this arena.

Wendy Fried of G. Fried Carpet & Design Center in Westbury prides herself on being an in-the-know trend spotter when it comes to all things flooring. She unraveled the latest intel on what’s new and trending for carpets and rugs.

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Long Island Pulse: What’s trending in the flooring world this year?
Wendy Fried: Geometrics are going to be very big. We’ve seen a lot of them toward the end of 2015 and it’s going to continue into 2016. We’re seeing a lot of navys and grays and off-whites. [It’s] a modern aesthetic. It’s still going very modern and transitional. The very, very traditional look is still not as big—it decreased in 2015.

Pulse: And rugs?
Fried: Most people are cutting down carpet to the size that they want and making their rugs out of it. Instead of a pre-fabbed area rug, we use carpet and make it the exact size the customer wants. Most area rugs come about 5’6” by 8’6” or 7’6” by 9’6’, which doesn’t quite fit the average dining room table—they need an 8’ by 10’ or 9’ by 12’ and you can’t get that in a pre-fab rug.

Pulse: Is there a rule for sizing a rug to a table?
Fried: Basically, whatever size your table is, you want to at least be able to pull out your chair and not have it go beyond the rug. You preferably want 20 inches on each side of your table.

Pulse: How about an area rug that defines a space?
Fried: There’s no set rule, but the larger the area rug, the larger the room looks. So you don’t want it to be skimpy. And you don’t have to have the entire seating on it, it’s okay to have something half on and half off. If you have nice wood floors, [the rug should be] at least 12 inches from the wall. It’s much richer looking.

Pulse: Are there fabrics to avoid?
Fried: Last year there were a lot of people using a fiber called viscose or art silk, but you basically can’t clean it. You can’t spill water on it. You have to levitate over it, so we don’t recommend it. Tencel is an easier fiber to clean and they’re mixing it with wool, so they’re getting away from total viscose because it’s not working. You’re still getting a silky look, but it’s easier to clean. That’s the new fiber for 2016: tencel, wool, cotton blend. And the newest buzzword in the industry is “luxe,” everyone wants a luxe look.

Wendy’s Hot Tip: As a rule of thumb, turn the rug around after every year so it gets worn evenly.