What to Binge Watch This March

Can’t get enough of the Oscars? Bummed it will be months before Spotlight hits Netflix? Here are seven movies to binge watch this March.

6 Degrees of Spotlight

All The Presidents Mena movie about two journalists (played by Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford) who effectively take down the White House. Armed by their notorious “Deep Throat” informant, the odd couple at the Washington Post were responsible for exposing Watergate and ultimately what led to Nixon’s impeachment. Everyone is talking about this film as being the first cinematic depiction that reminds journalists why they became journalists—and it is.
The Manchurian Candidate, the film that some say “made” Liev Schriber. He plays a Congressman from New York that is manipulated into becoming a vice-presidential candidate.
ZodiacMark Ruffalo, known mostly for his political activism in recent years, has a long repertoire of films to his name. Zodiac is the story of the 1970s San Francisco serial killer and in this feature, Ruffalo exhibits his early nose for digging as Inspector David Toschi. Lovers of tightly-shot, intimate and gripping crime dramas (that are true!) will love this.

The Ed Harris Trifecta 

Good actors are like a slow burn, they’ve been around forever and with each film we find ourselves more and more enthralled by their work. Harris is one such dramaturge, known for a wide range of characters, all of which are memorable, but our recommendation for catching up with his career stops at his most important milestones:

Glengarry Glen Ross, a look at the tough world of real estate sales that also stars Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin and Jack Lemon. You should be ashamed if you haven’t seen it by now for no doubt you’ve heard some of the famed one-liners. Our favorite? “Who told you you could work with men?”

Gene Kranz at mission control in Apollo 13 (self-explanatory, and definitely worth seeing a 10th or even 20th time).

Pollock, in which Harris becomes the eccentric, groundbreaking artist Jackson Pollock (there is also an exhibit of his work at MoMA in April to provide even more motivation).

Bonus! We love Ed Harris!
The Way Back, in which Harris plays a prisoner of war who escapes from a Siberian prison camp—the snow-swept environs, man-against-nature and overcoming impossible odds are just a few of the themes Harris navigates with grace and credibility.

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