New Owners Seek to Ensure Sun Won’t Go Down on Sound View


sound view

Since the 1950s—as reliable as the waves lapping at its expansive shoreline and as predictable as the spectacular sunsets there—vacationers and locals alike have returned to the Sound View Inn and Restaurant. And when the veritable North Fork institution reopens this month it will be with new owners that hope to give visitors even more of what has kept them coming back for close to 60 years.

“We need to be respectful of its past and its place in the community, and therefore, before we do anything we need to better understand how the Sound View fits into the North Fork,” said Erik Warner, one of three partners that comprise Sound View’s new owners Manhattan-based Eagle Point Hotel Partners. “The experience we have over the next year will help give us direction. For now, we are going to embrace, then enhance, what we purchased.”

Citing the peace and quiet, the distinct sense of place, and of course, the wineries, farms, fishing and lush lavender fields that give the North Fork its identity, Warner made it clear that Eagle Point is not looking to swoop in and fix what is clearly not broken. For its first season under the company’s ownership, the Sound View will remain largely the same, with only some refurbishments to ensure that the property is in tip-top shape for the reopening, he said.

sound view

“We have hired back all of the staff we could, and it will be business as usual this year,” Warner said, adding that a grand opening celebration this month will feature corned beef and cabbage.

Further enhancements to the property will be undertaken with forethought and care, overtime and perhaps even with input from the former owners, the Levin family.

“Our sister management company, Filament Hospitality [Group] is going to help us do this, as they have a history of creating experiences that form emotional ties with travelers,” he said of the company that will oversee the Sound View’s daily operations.

The Levin family, founders and longtime owners of the Sound View, who Warner said he and his partners speak with frequently bid a bittersweet farewell to the property over the holiday season as the purchase went through.

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“Our family business was always just that—a family business—inspired by our father, nurtured by our mother and operated by a loyal staff that is as much a part of our family as our own blood line,” sisters Rachel Levin Murphy and Ellen Levin Wiederlight said when they announced the sale on Facebook, while pointing out that the future of the Sound View looks bright in Eagle Point’s hands.

If his enthusiasm is any indication, Warner and his partners will only improve on what has made the longstanding Greenport destination successful for so many years.

“We are attracted to the people and culture of the North Fork, as well as the character of the property and its location on the fork,” he explained. “There is nothing like either of these places anywhere near New York City, or in fact, the world.”

sound view

It’s clear Warner has fallen in love with the property in the same way visitors have been drawn to the place for decades. Each of the inn’s guest rooms—which include everything from standard accommodations to two-bedroom suites—enjoy the benefit of the stunning view, steps from the beach. A pool situated along the shoreline gives guests yet another reason not to stray off property during their stays. And stunning sunsets there captivate those from near and far each day, never failing to enchant.

“We will continue to be a place where one can enjoy life on the North Fork,” Warner said, adding, “I would love to open the Sound View for year-round business someday.”