5 Little Pie Shops You Should Try on the North Fork

As winter slowly fades to spring, rich chocolate desserts will start to take a back seat to freshly made fruit pies. With the sun in the sky and a cool breeze in the air, weekend day trips to the East End will once again become the norm for many Long Islanders. With so many farm stands and small towns to explore, we took it upon ourselves to find some of the best North Fork pie shops. Head East and stop by these five little pie shops the next time you’re in town.

Hallock’s Cider Mill, Laurel


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Fans of Hallock’s Cider Mill are quick to say that this little gem serves up “way better pies” than some of the bigger establishments on the East End. Top choices include a “rich and creamy” key lime pie, their cheesecakes and a dreamy peach crumb pie. But don’t stop there; I’ve heard that they also serve up a white clam chowder that really hits the spot. Go.  

The Blue Duck Bakery Café, Greenport

image: the blue duck bakery

image: the blue duck bakery

Although they’re not strictly a pie shop, they’re close enough. With three locations on the North Fork, you’re bound to bump into one of these eclectic bakery cafés. Known for their homemade artisanal breads—the Ciabatta and sunflower are fan favorites—their sweet treats are pretty popular too. Their inventory is small, but this ensures freshness in every bite. From duck-shaped cookies to chocolate croissants to apple galettes, there is a little bit of something for everyone. Go.    

Junda’s Pastry Crust & Crumbs, Jamesport

north fork pie shops

image: courtesy of junda’s pastry crust & crumbs

A few weeks ago, I asked some of our North Fork relatives which pie shops were their favorites. This shop immediately came to mind, but the name of it was left on the tip of their tongues. While my Aunt enthusiastically talked about the “must-have babka,” my Uncle gave a detailed description that only locals will understand: “It’s the place up on the hill. You know, the one with the big white PIES sign out front? It’s got a large wooden railing going all the way up the hill? Come on! It’s a huge white house with a green roof!” Ahh, yes. That would be Junda’s—and true to their word, the babka IS to die for. Go.

Country View Farm Stand, Southold  

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Also on my Uncle’s list was a family run Farm Stand that serves up amazing fruit pies right along their local, seasonal produce. I’ve had the pleasure of eating their apple pies before and they’re everything a fruit pie should be. With flaky, homemade crusts and deep fruit fillings, these pies are well worth the wait in-season. As for my Uncle’s directions: Just take the Main Road and look for the white and green sign with a red tractor on it. Opens in May. Go.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Orient

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Once found only in Brooklyn, Four & Twenty Blackbirds can now be enjoyed on the North Fork. Nestled as far East as you can get, this little pie shop is hidden on Village Lane, right next door to the post office. Although we came for the cold-brewed coffee and a slice of Lemon Chess pie, we stayed for the delightful brick patio out front and old fashioned bowling game in the side alley. The Orient store opens after Mother’s Day; weekends only until July 1st. Go.

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