The Right Way to Order at a Food Truck

food truck tips

Put your computer on sleep mode, grab a jacket and get hungry. image: Maica

With the sun shining through our office windows and the knowledge that spring is quickly approaching it’s hard to keep thoughts of al fresco meals from overtaking the brain.

What’s better than escaping the office for a few minutes (cough cough hours), ordering an innovative, cheap meal from a food truck and enjoying said meal while sitting outside? Not much. But ordering from that kitchen on four wheels, between the clever names (The Cinnamon Snail, Maximus Minimus), new food concepts and the realization that they’re out of what you wanted, can be intimidating. And yet the secret to the perfect food truck meal is all in the ordering. To help with that, director of operations at Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs Paul Tripi and regular food truck eater and business traveler AJ Saleem offered Pulse some tips. Put your computer on sleep mode, grab a jacket and get hungry.

Read the menu: It should go without saying but you don’t want to order a banh mi from a hot dog truck. It’s also a way to learn about the truck, its sourcing partners and general food philosophy.

Ask for the best sellers: If you’ve never ordered from a particular food truck before or are just looking for something new to try, ask the other people in line what you should order.

Be patient: Long lines at lunch are a good sign. It means the food is delicious.

Don’t do it alone: Bring a coworker or a friend. They’ll make the wait not seem too bad, could save you a seat in an open shaded seating area or grab the drinks while you get the food.

No meltdowns: It’s common for food trucks to run out of specials and menu items but it’s not as easy for them to restock as your favorite café. Understand that and while you’re waiting in line come up with 2-3 items you would want to order so that when you get to the window and find out your favorite hot dog isn’t available you already have another order in mind.

Make a seating plan: Once you’ve gotten your food the last thing you want to think about is where you can find a comfortable spot to eat. Have a plan mapped out of where you’ll be dining and watch for open seats.

Tell us: what’s your favorite food truck to eat amazing food at?