7 Things We Don’t Know How to Do Anymore Thanks to Technology

Technology is a beautiful thing —lifesaving medical advances, the sharing of information, letting everyone know what they should eat at the trendy new restaurant—but it may also be making us use our brains even less. From giving directions to remembering phone numbers, there are things we don’t know how to do anymore thanks to technology.

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technology side effects

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Give Directions

Remember maps? Those big paper things that never seemed to fold back up the same way. What about printing out directions from MapQuest? Or the last time someone asked you for directions? Smartphones have made them all obsolete. If you can give directions without your phone, you’re doing better then some of the Pulse staff.

Go Grocery Shopping

Raise your hand if you get confused when in the supermarket because you don’t know where anything is. Thanks to Peapod, Fresh Direct and other online grocery shopping and delivery services there’s little need to ever stop into the supermarket. Gone are the days of awkwardly running into your sixth grade geometry teacher or your former landlord without your makeup done.

technology side effects

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Drop off Film

Hipsters are bringing film back. It’s becoming the cool, artsy thing to shoot in film. But where do you go to have it developed? Who still does that?

Write a Check

Some members of the Pulse team can count on one hand the number of times they’ve written a check. Others have never even owned a checkbook. Where do we sign? Do we really have to write out the amount? Do you accept Apple Pay?

Take Out Cash

There are still a few Long Island businesses that are cash only, but the increasing popularity of Apple Pay and Venmo are making cash slowly go the way of checkbooks. Which one is the penny?

technology side effects

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Wait Patiently

We’re always doing something. Even when we’re waiting for the LIRR to arrive or a friend at a restaurant, we’re on our smartphones texting someone, reading something, Instagraming our table. When was the last time you just waited? Struck up a conversation with a stranger?

Phone Numbers

Quick what’s your mom’s or dad’s number? If your parents still live in your childhood home knowing that phone number doesn’t count.


Tell us: what do you not remember how to do thanks to technology?