12 Ways to Win at Trivia This April

There are over 600 different kinds of mint plants you can grow in your garden, including banana mint, pineapple mint and Kentucky Colonel mint (perfect for juleps).

A swimming pool will lose up to a quarter-inch of water each day due to evaporation.

You may love April showers, but if you suffer from Botanophobia, you definitely will not enjoy May flowers. Botanophobia is the fear of plants.

The lawn as we know it, lush, pampered and green, is a 16th century invention.

Up to 90 percent of grass clippings are water.

In Great Britain, the robin is closely associated with Christmas.

The making of Ukrainian pysanky (Easter eggs deco- rated with wax and dye) is a folk art that may date back to pre-Christian times.

Bird nests are constructed for eggs and chicks, and once the chicks are grown most nests are abandoned. Adult birds do not sleep in their nests.

Iraq, Romania, Vietnam and Uganda are among the almost 200 countries that acknowledge Earth Day on April 22 each year.

A honeybee can flap its wings more than 200 times per second.

The very first lawn mowers were domestic animals, such as goats and sheep. The first mechanical lawn mower was invented in 1830.

Papua New Guinea, is home to the world’s largest butterfly, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing, whose wingspan can reach up to a foot. The western pygmy blue is the world’s smallest butterfly, with a wingspan of about a half-inch

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