Anatomy of a Redesign

redesign.jpg_0000_Layer 1

This issue represents the beginning of a new creative vision for Pulse. And since no artistic ideology is fixed in stone, so too will ours continue to evolve. Every issue will morph as the stories and themes (and styles) change, but the architectural elements that anchor them begin here.

Open Box Motif

Some people might be afraid of getting caught between the lines. We’re not. We’re charting pages with hairline elements (sometimes called “strokes”) that create a sense of a box that’s opening to you, letting you into all the important details assembled for your reading pleasure.

Pages by the Number

Magazine folios tell readers where they are in the book. Most folios are similar—they’re single function commodities. Our folios reflect the elegant “open box” motif seen throughout our pages.


Magazine photography is special. It’s worth every one of the thousand words it evokes. Since we think ours is very special, we’ll let it speak for itself.

Font by the Letter

Font is the hardest working thing in a magazine. It must be distinctive and express a unique style without calling too much attention to itself. It must be strong and durable, yet malleable. Typography is what’s guiding your eyes through our words, keeping the rhythm of our entire artistic perspective.

The letters on our pages must play nicely. There are countless faces within our typographical family—some sharp enough to shave with while others are sweet and blithe—it all depends on where they come from and where we’re trying to go with them. If it weren’t for Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Hoefler, we might not have our letters at all.