Steak Tartare

steak tartare recipe

image: alexandra romanoff

Classic and simple steak tartare conjures up visions of brunch at a Parisian café. Create that feeling in your home by making American Whiskey’s Executive Chef Roger Jocobsen’s modern twist on the traditional. Jocobsen uses capers, shallots, puffed farro and mayonnaise in his steak tartare recipe creating a dish with complex flavors. Edible flower petal garnish optional, but highly recommended.

Steak Tartare Recipe
Makes 1 serving

2oz Small dice beef tenderloin
1 tsp Capers
1 tsp Shallot, brunoise
1 tbs Puffed farro
2 tsp Mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients in a bowl inside a bowl with ice.
Season with salt and pepper.
Spoon tartare on to a plate and cover with edible flower petals. Eat with your hands.

Puffed Farro Directions
Parboil farro until just soft on the outside.
Drain and dry on towels.
Heat a sauté pan with oil to 300 Fahrenheit and fry until crispy.
Drain on towels and season with salt.