7 Fantastic New York City Food Trucks

The West Coast may be the birthplace of the food truck trend, but their kitchens on four wheels have nothing on New York City food trucks. Between the clever names (The Cinnamon SnailMaximus Minimus), super fresh food and new food concepts, NYC food trucks are providing some of the finest lunch options. Whether you’re looking for lobster rolls, waffles or a gooey grilled cheese, these NYC food trucks have something for you. Here’s to dining al-fresco on the quick.

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Big Red Food Truck


Whether you prefer the Maine style (cold, with mayo) or the Connecticut-style (hot, with butter), Big Red Food Truck has your craving covered. Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich opened the brick-n-mortar Red Hook Lobster Pound to much success in 2009, which is when they said why not lobster on wheels. Ever since then the Big Red Food Truck has been serving up sensational lobster rolls and even shrimp rolls, and New England clam chowder if that’s your thing. Find it. El Rey Del Taco Tacos may be one of the trendiest dishes right now, but El Rey Del Taco has been doing them well for years. The family-run food trucks, there are two both normally in Queens, actually started as a street cart selling tamales. With homemade tortillas and a variety of meats to choose from—carnitas, carne asada, chicken, to name a few—always cooked to tender, moist perfection, El Rey Del Taco is a late-night favorite. They’re open until 3am. Find them. Kelvin

This is the food truck you’ll want to follow around all summer. Kelvin creates the grown-up version of the convenience store slush you begged for as a child. Think all natural, organic ingredients in a light not sweet slush. With flavors such as Arnold Palmer, citrus and pomegranate, ginger and guava, and citrus-strawberry mint tea you may have to follow that truck around just to taste all of them. And in time for this year’s busy home entreating season comes Kelvin at Home, a line of the popular slushes ideal for making craft frozen cocktails. Find them.


Korilla BBQ

Get your fix of made-to-order Asian-Latin fusion in Midtown at the Korilla BBQ food truck. The menu is simple: start with a burrito or rice bowl, add your choice of protein, ribeye steak, spicy pork, chicken or tofu, and top it with cheese, pico, Kiamichi and veggies and sauce. Find it.

The Morris Truck


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Gooey, delicious and oh-so-simple, the grilled cheese is the lunch sandwich that will never go out of style. The chefs behind Morris Sandwich Shop and Food Truck honor the simplicity of the grilled cheese with the classic (NY state cheddar and NH landaff) and give the sandwich a modern twist with the Green Machine (fontina, fennel butter and kale) and Delicate Cheese (truffle butter, truffle cheese and caramelized shallots). Find it.


Think of Snowday as the adult version of your favorite childhood brunch. The maple syrup inspired menu changes, that’s right I said maple syrup inspired. You’ll find maple-drizzled grilled cheese, pulled pork sliders, even maple bacon Brussels sprouts, all made from ingredients sourced from local farms. The food truck is also the first one operated by a nonprofit, Drive Change, which provides job training and employment to formerly incarcerated youths. Find it.

Waffles & Dinges

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Waffles at Wafels & Dinges. image: jennifer strader rakovsky

Sometimes you just really need a waffle. Enter Waffles & Dinges dishing up the light and crispy Brussels waffle first introduced to the US at the 1964 World Fair, the mini chocolate dipped waffles or even a corn waffle topped with chili, sour cream and cilantro. With multiple trucks and offering tours of their Royal Dinges Factory you’re never far from treating yourself. Find them.