What You Think of the Possible Hamptons Truck Ban

Seeing pick up trucks and SUVs cruising on the beach on a summer Sunday along the 4,000 square food spit dubbed “Truck Beach” in Amagansett is a decades long tradition, but not everyone is a fan. Some Hamptons homeowners say it’s unsafe, a public nuisance and causes overcrowding, and will try to get trucks and SUVs banished from the beach when they take their case to court in June.

We took to Facebook to see what you thought, and you had a lot to say.

“Let the trucks have the beach. There aren’t many places to go driving on the beach. One of the luxuries of living on Long Island of being able to drive on the beach.”

– James Beers

“Let the trucks have the small portion of unused beach, it’s part of Long Island’s history.”

– Dean Bisaccio

“The beach is for everyone!”

– Teresa Freaso

“In Daytona, near where I used to live, they kept a section of the beach open for cars. I’m okay, but if you get stuck in the sand or surf, the towing costs should be on you.”

– Glenn Andreiev

“We have a long history of 4 wheel drives and the beaches. Tradition should stay.”

– Jerry Cibulski

“Access to the beach was there way before these affluent part time owners and their homes. Driving on the beach should not change.”

– Howard Kipnes

“It’s family time and surfcasters’ time to fish the beach. It’s been Long Island history for hundred of years. I used to be one of those 4×4 trucker’s doing surfcasting fishing and family time…it’s a town beach.”

 – David Hackford

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

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