ICYMI: Go Behind the Scenes of the Pulse Redesign


Sometimes, we like to go all out here at Pulse. That’s why instead of doing simple spring cleaning, we got a major makeover. After months of hard work and planning, we were so excited to unveil our redesign in our April issue. You haven’t been able to stop talking about it, and since we love connecting with you we hosted an Instagram chat this afternoon to answer the most popular questions we’ve been getting about our new look. We understand that some of you just couldn’t get away during your lunch break (happens to the best of us!), so we put together a recap of the chat for you.

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longislandpulse: Welcome to the Pulse Instagram chat! I’m Art Director Rip Georges, and I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes of our redesign for the next hour. Fire away with the questions (as some of you already have!)

risahart: Hi Rip! Long Island is so beautiful and photogenic, what’s your favorite gorgeous spot and why?
longislandpulse: @risahart my favorite spot is East Hampton where I live. I love Gerard Point.

risahart: Also, you’ve working for high-profile magazines like InStyle and Esquire. What excites you most about your new position at Pulse?
longislandpulse: @risahart I love Long Island and especially the East End.

pepcmyk: Hey Rip, where did your love for design/typography come from?
longislandpulse: @pepcmyk In college I was a painting major. My paintings were more about design than they were about painting. I went to graduate school in England and I became obsessed with American magazines and discovered on the masthead there was a person who was the Art Director. I wanted to be that person.

mariko_z: Hi Rip! Creating a magazine and being on top of trends is a lot of work, how do you keep the constant flow of creativity going, what inspires you?
longislandpulse: @mariko_z Magazines. I consume magazines voraciously. I’m sort of obsessed with them.

breeshirvell: Hi Rip! Pulse has had a certain aesthetic for so long. Were you nervous about changing it up? Why or why not?
longislandpulse: @breeshirvell I think you’re always careful when it comes to altering a brand. When you enter into a redesign you are essentially changing the brand and what people have come to expect of the magazine. Your hope is that you can improve the way the magazine flows and looks enough that people will forgive you for trampling over their favorite magazine.

helloalyssagrant: Hi Rip! Love the new look of the April Issue – the cover is beautiful and feels great too! What should I keep an eye out for in the next issue?
longislandpulse: @helloalyssagrant There are two stories I’m really excited about. The Long Island Lizards story that was photographed by Nigel Parry and our men’s fashion story that we’re shooting in Red Hook with Sarah Kehoe who shot the cover last month. We’ll continue refining some of the design elements, especially in the front of the book.

kmgoat: Rip- what’s your favorite part about working for Long Island Pulse Magazine?
longislandpulse: @kmgoat It’s not the commute from East Hampton <laughs>. The staff has been incredibly nice and receptive to change so far.

andy_shell: Hey Rip, what were your goals with the redesign?
longislandpulse: @andy_shell I didn’t want to alienate the existing readership. I wanted to simplify and try to generally scale up the imagery and make the book flow in a more fluid manner.

katetraverson: Hi Rip! What magazines currently do you think have the best design? Which ones inspire you?
longislandpulse: @katetraverson There are magazines with designs I love and magazines that I simply love the content. I love the design of GQ, World of Interiors and Monocle. I like The Hollywood Reporter, Modern Farmer (a particular favorite) and New York Magazine.

melisgrace: Hi Rip! The new issue is stunning! I’ve always enjoyed the images in Pulse and love how they got even larger with the redesign! What makes a great photo to you?
longislandpulse: @melisgrace It should evoke an immediate emotional response and should be strong and direct at least in the context of Long Island Pulse Magazine. Bold and beautiful.

keepitsimpler: Hi Rip. What advice would you give to someone aspiring to have to one day have a role like yours ?
longislandpulse: @keepitsimpler Read, look at lots of magazines.

yliimeee: hi from the west coast! i still follow pulse daily on insta and twitter and loved seeing all the hype about this new issue – the cover is so fresh! what was the most challenging part of the redesign? how many logo/page layout revisions did you go through before you found “the one”?
longislandpulse: @yliimeee For me, budget is always the most challenging part of the editorial design process. I designed 24 logos before settling on “the one.”

bethannclyde: Hi Rip! How has the Internet changed your job?
longislandpulse: @bethannclyde Immediate access to reference content, connections to writers, designers, photographers and image makers. And ordering lunch.

longislandpulse: Speaking of ordering lunch, it’s about that time. Thanks so much for joining the Instagram chat. I look forward to sharing future issues with you.

beth ann clyde

beth ann clyde

Beth Ann Clyde is a social strategist of Long Island Pulse. Have a story idea or just want to say hello? Email bethann@lipulse.com or reach out on Twitter @BAClyde.