How to Wear Suede in Spring/Summer

Suede is typically thought of as crisp weather wear, but that’s anything but true according to creative designer, wardrobe stylist and fashion consultant Alex Vinash.

“People think that suede is going to be hot for summer, and you don’t sweat with suede. You sweat with leather. It’s a great material,” Vinash said. “People work and walk everyday, you need to be casual [and] at the same time dressed up. I love the movement of the suede, it’s much lighter and more flowy.”

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After only one year in New York (originally based in Barcelona) he has a heavy grasp on east coast style. The multi-talented Vinash shared with me why and how to wear suede in spring/summer. 


The Jacket

Scoop "Suede Duster" available at

Scoop “Suede Duster” available at

“For someone living in New York, even if its spring, you have some sort of wind and not everyday is hot. If you have a mini jacket in suede you can be very dressed up but be very casual at the same time and very chic,” he advised. The material is also more comfortable, lightweight and breathable than leather in the warmer months.

For someone that already owns a vintage piece that’s a little outdated, no worries–the local tailor can help. “They can take out the sleeves to make a cool vest, a jacket without sleeves or you can make it short sleeves, very trendy. A suede jacket with short sleeves is very, very trendy, especially for spring/summer.”

The Skirt (Or Shorts)

Scoop "Suede Paperbag Short" available at

Scoop “Suede Paperbag Short” available at

Whether it’s a skirt for the workweek, a night out or weekend brunch, there’s a stylish suede for it all. Vinash explained that, “To work, I think if you have a pencil skirt with a blouse you can be very conservative.” For a more modern look that still reads appropriately for the office, wear with a tank top and blazer. A night out requires a little less conservativeness: take a few inches off the pencil. “Mini skirts are one of the best options because you can wear it with tank tops, you can wear it with a blouse. The best you can have in suede is a skirt, also shorts.”

So near are weekends full of picnics, museum and road trips, and of course outdoor brunch at your favorite restaurant. The not too short, not too business-formal option? The maxi. “They’re out of control. They’re these big skirts, straight down almost to the floor, and they wear them with flat sandals and with a tank top,” he said with excitement. Side note: out of control is a good thing.

The Accessories

Dune London "Ryleigh" available at Dune London at Roosevelt Field Mall or

Dune London “Ryleigh” available at Dune London at Roosevelt Field Mall or

A suede bag is predictable (although not against it). Instead of a bag, opt for something more untraditional and unique. “You have boots with suede with some sort of fringe. The fringe in suede is really pretty,” Vinash said. Suede vests are also, “a very cool way to start, rather than a vest in denim or leather” because you can pair it on top of anything, fringe optional.

And Why Suede? 

“The leather gets so popular that sometimes you see three girls with the same outfit. It’s the same jacket with the shorts and the same boots. The suede makes you look different, not many people think they can wear suede all year.” But you can.

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