6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Staycation

When you’re lucky enough to live on Long Island there really is no place like home for a vacation. From the beaches to the vineyards to the museums, we live in a vacation destination. This spring forget the weekend escape to Rome, Paris or Florida and take a break right here.

Use Expedia.com’s guide to get the most of your staycation.

Take a Time Out

staycation tips

Take some me time. image: peopleimages

Vacations are a time to put the world on hold, literally. Stop your mail, put an out of the office message on your email and don’t you dare do household chores like laundry. Check into a hotel on Long Island, check out of your everyday life and get into vacation mode.

But Have a Plan

One of the best parts of a vacation is the excitement that builds while planning: what will we eat, what will we do, what will we see? Just as you would plan for a holiday to Japan, have a plan for what you will do during your staycation, leaving plenty of time to indulge in free time.

Embrace the Local

staycation tips

Taste the delights at Long Island vineyards. image: martha clara vineyards

We live where others vacation and that has serious perks. Embrace the local that so many spend hours sitting in traffic getting to, whether that means exploring and tasting the delights at Long Island vineyards and breweries, taking in a show at The Paramount or getting takeout from a local restaurant, packing up a couple of blankets and chairs and heading to one of our world-famous beaches for a picnic.

But Bring the World to You

If you’ve always wanted to go to Rome, Hawaii or just a road trip to the Chesapeake Bay, bring the world to your staycation. Plan to eat an Italian feast, host a luau or pamper yourself by having a dinner of Maryland blue crabs delivered to you.

Say Yes and No Freely

It’s your vacation. Do what you want. Whether that means deciding on where to eat or holing up in your room and binge watching the newest season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt you’ve already put the world on hold. Now say yes to catching up on reading or no to eating Indian.

But Try Something New

staycation tips

POUND classes have Long Islanders drumming to the beat. image: brita potenza

Vacations are all about new experiences, so make sure you try something new on your staycation. Maybe that’s taking the new aerial yoga class you’ve been thinking about or changing up your hairstyle or embracing the small plate trend with a small plate garden party. Whatever it is, trying something new will make your staycation feel rewarding.

You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy a getaway right here in Long Island. Book yourself a nice hotel and enjoy a staycation right in your own neighborhood.