ICYMI: Your Guide to a Gorgeous Spring

The weather outside is delightful, but chipped pedis, makeup that melts off your face and frizzy hair is rather frightful. To help Pulse readers have their most gorgeous spring and summer seasons ever, we called in a pair of experts: Lexi and Bria Martone of East Northport’s Salon Martone. Lexi, a celebrity nail artist who has worked with stars like Katie Holmes and Jada Pinkett-Smith and placed second in NAILS Magazine’s 2015 competition, and Bria, who is in charge of hair and makeup, answered some of our most pressing spring and summer beauty questions. Keep this page handy for the next time you can’t figure out what to do with your hair.

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What primer and finishing spray do you recommend for the summer to prevent face makeup from coming off in the summer heat?
Salon Martone: Primer I recommend Urban Decay and for finishing spray I recommend Urban Decay and/or MAC prep and prime fix, which you can also use as a primer before your makeup as well.

What are your favorite beach day hairstyles and styling tips?
Salon Martone: We have two amazing Ouidad products for the summertime. One absorbs into the hair shaft to protect your color and keratin treatments. The other is a climate control to reduce frizz. I love using them to create loose beach waves.

How can people get rid of those dreaded under eye circles?
Salon Martone: To correct dark under eye circle you can use a orange corrector to correct the deep purple circle under your concealer and/or foundation.

What are your favorite nail designs?
Salon Martone: I love doing hand-painted nail art. Geometric patterns, fashion inspired designs and cartoon characters are some of my favorites.

I want to invest in a high-end foundation, but I can’t decide which one is worth it. Can you recommend something long-lasting and full coverage for oily skin?
Salon Martone: Right now my favorite foundation is Born This Way by Too Faced.

Any tips for quickly fixing a chipped mani and pedi?
Salon Martone: Sponge on another color or put glitter at the tip for a quick ombre design. It hides the chips and gives you a totally new look.

What is your favorite shade of lipstick this spring?
Salon Martone: My favorite lip products right now are either MAC or Dose of Colors! Some of my favorites from MAC are Full Fuchsia, Lady Danger and Men Love Mystery. From Dose of Color, [I love] Stone and Pinky Promise.

What are the big trends in nails? Any tips for how to get the looks at home?
Salon Martone: Marble nails are really big this season. You can check out some tutorials on YouTube but I always recommend getting it done by a professional. Matte nails are also really popular. You can easily get the look by adding a matte topcoat to your favorite polish.

I have very sensitive skin and I’m always nervous to put any type of sunscreen on my face. What brand has a good facial sunscreen that won’t irritate my skin or clog my pores?
Salon Martone: Neutrogena for sensitive skin.

I have a lot of beige and neutral colored lip stains, matte lipsticks and rouges, but I’m looking to add some color for the summer. What are some of your go-to colors for the office and for nightlife during the summertime?
Salon Martone: Anything in the violets are very pretty in the summertime and bright corals are amazing as well.

Which hair mask would you recommend using on very dry hair?
Salon Martone: Saphira is amazing for dry hair. All their products are from the dead sea and helps heal the hair! We do treatments at our salon.

What can people do make their nails stronger?
Salon Martone: Taking biotin is the most effective way to strengthen your nails as well as improve your skin and hair. Also make sure to use cuticle oil daily.

Pulse will be talking spring and summer beauty in the May issue as well as lipulse.com.

beth ann clyde

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